Fetal Movements: Quickening

January 17, 2011
I was around 13 weeks along when I felt a “quickening” in my lower abdomen. Fetal Movements: Quickening refers to the initial motion of the fetus in the uterus as it is perceived or felt by the pregnant woman. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, to “quicken” means “to

Positive! Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

January 14, 2011
I just got back from my trip to the US about two weeks ago before I found out we were expecting. It was a total surprise since we were all planning our July 2011 wedding. I even got my bridal gown in the US already, I hand-carried it all

5 months over due… this blog I mean!

January 11, 2011
Hello everybody! I have been wanting to start a “Mommy & Baby” blog ever since we found out we were expecting last September, but I somehow didn’t have the time. I wanted to make this blog so that I can share my experiences in pregnancy, preparing for the D-Day,