Cough and Colds During Pregnancy

February 7, 2011
My colds started 3 days ago that eventually turned into stuffy nose + sore throat. I don’t know whether it was from cleaning the house or I got it from our household help. She has been, apparently, sick all this time with colds and she’s been cleaning my water

Things We Love: Book Sale

February 5, 2011
Just got home from SM with my DH. I told him I wanted to eat some Bistek Tagalog from Goldilocks for dinner. I had two rice with that pa! Takaaaaaw! I also bought two Caramel Popcorns to take home (one I ate in the car while going home. tee-hee!

Sleep Difficulty During Pregnancy

February 4, 2011
Ever since getting pregnant, I’ve been wanting more space on the bed. Even before I was expecting I’ve always wanted to be able to spread my arms and legs on the bed, but this time I think it doubled/tripled. Osc and I have been sleeping on a full-sized bed

Shopping for Baby

January 26, 2011
I finally got to shop for for the first time for our baby boy. I had to convince Osc to let me go because I had to drive myself from home to Greenhills to pick up my Mom then to Megamall. Our driver wasn’t available that day, lucky me.

Congenital Anomaly Scan: Baby Boy Santiago

January 22, 2011
It’s a boy! I know, I know. I originally wanted a girl so I can dress her up and stuff but Dad and Mom are very happy that baby is growing healthy and strong! Besides, I get Osc’s point that if our first child is a boy, we’ll have

The Medical City or St. Luke’s Medical Center?

January 19, 2011
I have been going to The Medical City at Ortigas since I was still in college because it was near the condo I was staying at. I’ve been a sickly girl (very lucky I’m not getting sick so much right now that I have little boy inside me!) since