Joaquin’s Eczema Story: Severe Childhood Atopic Dermatitis

March 15, 2017
Deep breaths. Okay, let’s do this. This post has been on my pending list for the longest time. I was actually supposed to publish this back in December when I had an influx of messages on Facebook asking me about Wacky’s eczema, what worked, what didn’t, his food allergies

Booking Eastwood Richmonde Hotel via Traveloka

February 27, 2017
The family and I recently went on a staycation here in Manila (and you know how much I love staycations!) and I just want to share with you this new travel booking app that I discovered that I’m totally digging right now. I’ve used other booking sites before, but

PEDRO ‘N COI: Filipino Food At Its Finest!

February 17, 2017
It’s been two years since I did a restaurant review for many reasons. One, we don’t really go out often. Two, we eat at the same “tried and tested” places we always go to. And three, we’re really bad bloggers/vloggers when it comes to food because we always forget

DIY Children’s Parties – How To Create The Dessert Table

February 13, 2017
We all love to give our children sensational parties to celebrate their lives. But it can be a challenge to create a well put together a party that does not cost a fortune. The alternative is the cheap party decor that none of us want to use, but are

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful with Dove

January 30, 2017
Received a gift last week! It came in this beautiful big white box with my name on it. With a great reminder for all of us ladies (and gents too!) inside: This is seriously my motto this year. Tanggap ko na na mahirap mag #balikalindog lalo na kung kasing
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Science Circus: Step Right Up! at The Mind Museum

January 26, 2017
First post of the year! Last Saturday, we finally got to visit The Mind Museum‘s latest exhibit, “Science Circus: Step Right Up!” It is their 5th traveling exhibition supported in part by Mastercard, Limkaco Industries, Uratex and Thompson Hardware and Lighting Center. The kids had so much fun and