Room Makeover Reveal!

May 23, 2014
Finally, our room reveal! I wish I have a before photo to show you guys but I forgot to take one. We have settled

Summer Cleaning

April 30, 2014
Since my big energy rush that started last week, I’ve been able to clean out our storage closet and partially organize Jacob’s toys into

My 2014 Plan

January 3, 2014
My first post of the year! I was supposed to put this up on the 1st (then supposedly on the 2nd), but we spent

Mommy and Baby Care Packs for Typhoon Yolanda Survivors

November 13, 2013
** EDITING THE LATTER PART OF THIS POST TO CLARIFY SOME THINGS ** It’s hard to take in how much damage and loss of

Mr. Jacob’s Mom: New Look, You Like?

October 9, 2013
After 3 days of working on this little baby, backing up files and pictures, making sure I don’t lose anything, making sure every thing

Relaunch Sneak Peek!

October 3, 2013
Well, obviously I haven’t blogged in days! We’ve been preparing to relaunch Mr. Jacob’s Mom and I’ve been busy arguing with myself whether or