Quick #SantiagoBros Update

February 9, 2016
Day 6 into my trip and I really haven’t blogged much compared to the amount of vlogging and editing I’ve been doing. I find

Parties and Oscar’s 28th

December 10, 2015
It’s already Thursday and I’m just writing about our first week of December! We had a super busy weekend (until Wednesday, actually!) with social


November 24, 2015
Yes, I am still alive! I have been MIA for A WHILE. I really have no other excuse other than physical life demanded more

Birthday Staycation at Astoria Plaza Ortigas

September 25, 2015
I had big plans for my birthday weekend. I was going to spend every day we had at the hotel with friends doing things

Hello 2015!

January 8, 2015
We are 8 days in and I had just found the time to sit down for a few minutes and write. I had just

#SantiagoBros & Post-Partum Tales

September 15, 2014
I’ve finally put up our birth story after 3 weeks! Forgive me for not writing a lot. Believe me, I have lots to kwento