About Roxi


Hello there! My name is Roxi, I am a stay-at-home and WAHM. I started blogging back in 2010 when I was pregnant with my first son, Jacob. I was then known as Mr. Jacob’s Mom. Fast forward to 2014, we got pregnant again with our second son, Joaquin. I can no longer be Mr. Jacob’s Mom! It took me a couple of months after giving birth to finally re-brand my blog to Mommy Roxi.

I work as a freelance virtual assistant and project manager for companies online. I’ve had my stint in events planning for a while there but jumped into my new life as a wife and a mom. My two best jobs!

I’m hoping my life stories as a wife and mom can also inspire you during those tough times we go through as parents. And maybe our life stories will also entertain and make you laugh! I’ve learned so much (better definitely not all!) throughout my years of being a Mom. One of the reasons why I also started this blog is because I want to recommend the best baby products and services to Moms here in Manila. I never envisioned my blog to reach international readers because of online communities I have joined. Thank you for reading my blog!

Let’s be friends! Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about anything on pregnancy, motherhood, and homemaking! I’m no expert but I’m learning from experience. 😀

Hope you will join me in my journey!