Last March, I finally shared to you Wacky’s amazing eczema journey here and here. I didn’t exactly mention what was in his compound cream from Dr. Aron because each patient has his/her own mixture based on the condition of the skin. But we have been using Fucidin for a long time now and it’s super effective for Wacky’s eczema whenever there are open wounds that are susceptible to staph infection.

I was invited to the Moms Unite Against Wound Infection event held last May 2, 2017 but I didn’t get to make it. My mommy friend and fellow blogger, Frances of Topaz Horizon was part of the Mom Panel pala. So sad I missed this!


I guess Kris Aquino and I have one thing in common (aside from the fact that my bffs call me the “Kris Aquino” in our group!), we don’t take chances when it comes to cuts or wounds on our sons. Kris shares:

[su_quote cite=”Kris Aquino on Fucidin”]I have two boys and when they get a cut or a wound, I clean it with soap and water for 15 seconds. Then, I apply Fucidin® agad, Fucidin® is part of our wound care kit![/su_quote]


I don’t know what age we Mommies would really stop worrying our kids getting all kinds of wounds and scrapes, but having two boys aged 6 and 2, the worrying never stops from me. We need to make sure the wound doesn’t get infected. Bacteria takes the first opportunity to enter the body through the tiniest break on the skin.

While cleaning the wound with water and soap, it may not be enough. So we really should have a topical antibiotic ready in our First Aid kits at home. Our go-to is Fucidin.

Fusidic acid/sodium fusidate Fucidin® is a fast-acting, powerful antibiotic that is clinically proven against wound infection. It works on the infection 2 minutes upon application and is deep-penetrating, reaching the skin’s deepest layer 30 minutes after application. Fucidin helps prevent bacteria from spreading. Fucidin is available in leading drugstores nationwide.

Fucidin comes in two variants:

Fucidin® cream, ideal for exposed parts of the body like face and hands.

Fucidin® ointment, ideal for dry, scaly or cracked lesions.

Wacky uses Fucidin cream. Actually all of us uses the cream variant for wounds.

Thank you Fucidin for sending over Fucidin® Cream and this cute little first aid kit.



Fucidin is from LEO Pharma, a Danish pharmaceutical company with a mission to help people achieve healthy skin. LEO Pharma is the pioneer in the development of fusidic acid. It has a wide range of products that are marketed in over 100 countires. LEO Pharma has more than 100 years of trusted heritage worldwide.



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