It’s been a while since I shared a story here and it sucks that it’s going to be a rant, but I just had to share.

Last Saturday, Oscar’s side of the family had a big joint celebration at Casa de Alegria in Marikina for all the birthday celebrants and graduates. I found this place via Google and after a visit, it was decided this would be a nice place for the party so relatives from Marikina and Pasig will have an easier time going to the party. It seemed well kept and obviously, we were assuming to see it that way on the day of the party.

Our reservation time was 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Our little family was first to arrive at 10:30 AM, 2 and a half hours late. But what did we find? Dirty bathrooms with pee stains all over the seats, used soap and sachets of shampoo in the shower. The bed sheets didn’t seem and smell fresh (aka gusot). That made me upset because we were already late and still the place wasn’t completely cleaned!

Good thing I brought with me my Lysol disinfecting wipes and lots of rolls of tissue. I had to clean one bathroom because I had to use it already. I can’t believe I had to do that when our families paid for this place to be ready. The bathroom in the master’s bedroom had a flush that would work by lifting this cable-like thing (at the same time lifting the ceramic cover) for it to flush! The “rain shower” head in the master’s bath also didn’t “rain”, more of like drip heavily in a few holes in the shower head. Also no heater. I was okay with it naman, I like cold water. Not sure how it was for Oscar and Wacky.

One of the twin beds in the first room by the stairs had a broken bed frame. As in there was a big hole on the frame under the mattress that if you sit on it, lulubog ka talaga.

This is the first time ever that we rented a place that we had something to say about right off the bat and I’ve rented quite a lot on Airbnb and through OLX listings. Quite upsetting.

So I complained to the receptionist via text because I was too upset to go down. Baka ikutan siya ng mata ko with all the eyeroll I was doing at the time.


Also, there were no bidet sprays in the bathroom (this is forgivable) so I asked if they had tabo (aka water dipper) and they had none to give but said there was one in the bathroom/shower area by the pool. When Oscar used the bathroom with Jacob, he saw that this tabo they were talking about was just a cut out bottle of MURIATIC ACID. Huwaaaaaat! Oscar should have taken a photo of it, but he had just came from the pool and probably forgot afterwards.

But the most upsetting of them all (yeah, even more than those filthy bathrooms) was the pool. It seemed that the water wasn’t “moving” like the water filter wasn’t turned on. It also seemed very cloudy, not as clear as it should if the water filter was working.

Casa de Alegria
I know, I know. Photos or it didn’t happen. I don’t have photos of the bathroom (because: disgusting) nor the broken bed. Our great evidence would be this: Wacky’s skin after the swim.


Actually while they were swimming, Oscar called me and asked if we had Benadryl with us because Wacky had some little hives on his forehead and ear. He did, but I said maybe it’s just something in the water, it will go away and he didn’t need Benadryl pa. This is a tale tell sign that he is in contact with something dirty or an allergen. THIS NEVER HAPPENS WITH OTHER POOLS WE’VE BEEN TO. Just last week we were at Oakwood Joy-Nostalg in Ortigas and they swam for a long time WITH NO PROBLEM. And every weekend, we’d be at his parent’s condo in Makati that also has a big pool, NO PROBLEM spending hours there. Or in the inflatable pool (with obviously no water filter compared to what their pool at Casa de Alegria that should have been working), NO PROBLEM there.

Oscar made sure to scrub him nice and clean afterwards, but still…


To top it off, he has a fever now. I’m praying that this doesn’t progress into staph infection. He hasn’t had that IN 2+ YEARS.This is the worst his skin has been in 2 YEARS. It breaks my heart! What was supposed to be a fun, memorable party ended like this for him. By 6:30 PM, he was already feeling bad and was itching like crazy. He’s back on regular applications of his Dr. Aron compound cream after we have already tapered off almost 2 weeks ago. By the time we got home around 9PM, he had a fever and took Calpol.


Then Jacob complained he was itchy.


We had to give Jacob Benadryl and put lotion on these bumps.

Honestly, I won’t be recommending this place to friends and relatives in the near future. When and IF I do go back and see the place well taken care of and the pool filter working well, maybe then I’ll change my mind. But if you’re not sensitive naman or you don’t mind cleaning (even though you’ve paid for the place to be cleaned), it’s still a nice place to hang out with your friends or family. May karaoke naman for rent, that’s where I was at, I just dipped my legs in the pool for less than 5 minutes. Sayang, the place has great potential pa naman. I’m sure business is great but I hope they improve.

We missed the Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run 2017 because of this. We were up all night comforting Wacky every time he wakes up. Yesterday he finally threw up some phlegm. Thank God he’s feeling a little bit better today, but his voice is still not 100% back.
You’re probably thinking, well, Wacky definitely has a more sensitive skin and immune system than the rest of us. But does that excuse this place from taking care of its rental and pool? How come sa ibang pools okay naman?
Let’s not settle, people.


Roxi is happily married and mom to two boys (#SantiagoBros!). Mommy blogger since 2010, work-at-home Mom as a virtual assistant and web designer at Mommy Mover.

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  1. Jho Tacorda says:

    Nako nakakainis naman yan. Magkano rate dyan sis? Walang nagasikaso sa inyo pagdating nyo? Bakit ganun?

    Hopefully maging okay na si Joaquin.

    • Mommy Roxi says:

      Hey Jho,

      Their rates are actually nice kaya we took it. For the 8AM-5PM slot it was 10,500 pool plus 3 bedrooms. Mas mura if just the pool area na may garage with tables and chairs. Additional yung karaoke and water dispenser.

      Nope, I just walked in, no “Hello po!” from their secretary/sales or the guard. Diretso kami sa room, the aircon units weren’t turned on either. Took a while for it to cool the room, I think .5 HP lang yung aircon.

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