It’s been two years since I did a restaurant review for many reasons. One, we don’t really go out often. Two, we eat at the same “tried and tested” places we always go to. And three, we’re really bad bloggers/vloggers when it comes to food because we always forget to take a video/photo of our food before we dig in. Paano na? Haha! Anyway, as part of my new year, new me paandar, I’m reviving my bloggerself to do more reviews and tell our stories more. Lately I’ve been vlogging more than writing, as you can tell. I need to take care of my first web-home!

So anyway, we were at Greenhills the other day and I decided to forgo our usual spots for lunch and try this resto that I find so amusing everytime I pass it. I was also with Jacob at the time, so skipping the usual boring restaurant setup would be great. Now, whenever we go out, we don’t really choose to eat at Filipino restaurants for reasoning that we can have those anytime. I don’t know what came over me, but I was craving good Filipino food that day, so I suggested we try Pedro ‘N Coi in Greenhills Promenade. I’m so glad we did!

You can watch my vlog about this day at the end of this post. But here are some food photos of what we ordered:

May Asim Pa sinigang na baboy sa sampalok

Pedro 'N Coi Sinigang na Baboy

The sinigang came with salsa made up of tocino, tomatoes, onion to balance the asim of the sinigang soup.

Shooli’s Chapsuey chapsuey

Pedro 'N Coi Chapsuey

Mayor Bistek beef steak


Sizzling Sisig Awww chicken or pork sisig (we had chicken)

Pedro 'N Coi Chicken Sisig

I really appreciate this chicken sisig because it’s all meat (from what I can tell ha!) and not like the one sa Max’s na may halong liver, because I don’t eat liver.

Kanin ni Kumander Bawang garlic java rice

Pedro 'N Coi Garlic Rice


For drinks, the oldies had Salabat Iced Tea and we had Sago’t Gulaman by the pitcher.

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I super love the ambiance of Pedro ‘N Coi, very unique. Tableware were also different and unique! Our drinking glasses were like the Nescafe jars you can buy in the market (maybe they recycled them because it had Nescafe at the bottom!) and the plates were see-through glass. We ordered so much, that we came home with lots of take out that Oscar and I ate before we went off to our One2One meeting that night.

The verdict for Pedro ‘N Coi,

Ambiance 5/5

Food 5/5

Service 5/5

We’re definitely coming back! Especially because Oscar enjoyed food too. This guy is quite picky when it comes to Filipino restaurants. So yay!

I’ve seen their branch at Fisher Mall, so at least there’s one near us. Check out their Facebook here.

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