The family and I recently went on a staycation here in Manila (and you know how much I love staycations!) and I just want to share with you this new travel booking app that I discovered that I’m totally digging right now. I’ve used other booking sites before, but I’m loving Traveloka the most because of the great deals you get without paying so many fees!

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel Staycation

I downloaded the app, which you can also get here at the App Store or on Google Play.

Traveloka App

I love booking online and this Traveloka app because it allows me to search through their wide selection of airlines and hotels for those great deals. Plus I’ll be able to manage my booking from my phone too! No need to call a travel agency, if you still do your bookings that way.



If you haven’t watched yet, watch our staycation vlog here on personal channel or on The Santiago Family’s channel, but I mentioned there how I love how Traveloka gives you the honest price. I’m sure they still make a profit in some ways with their partnerships and all, but they don’t charge their customers so much. There are no booking fees and hidden charges. What you see as the room rate, that’s it. With other booking sites/apps that I’ve tried, I always always have to double check the total rate at the check-out page before making my decision because that’s the only time they would “reveal” to you how much you’ll actually end up paying for your vacation.

Watch my staycation vlog below!

So for our staycation, I was choosing between Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg in Ortigas  and Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. I know what you’re thinking, so many 5-star hotels in Metro Manila that Traveloka is giving the best prices for, why just choose between those two? Well, when you’re traveling with kids, luxury is not really top priority most of the time. With them, I’m thinking of entertainment (what can we do when they get bored), food (would we be able to buy affordable food easily when they get hungry) and comfort (I can book a 5-star hotel nga, but we’ll only get two twin beds?!).

Why Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg? Their rooms are very family friendly and COMPLETE. As in complete! We stayed at their 1 Bedroom Suite before and loved it. So we knew the kids would love it as well. Their pool is also great! Why Eastwood Richmonde Hotel? We also stayed here late last year and loved it. Plus, it’s connected to the mall! The kids can run around and look at toys at Toys R Us!

I wanted to show Oscar my top choices, so I took screenshots on my iPhone. Then this little window popped up…

Traveloka Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Wow! Traveloka actually thought ahead of their customers! You can share your screenshot as a link or through your phone’s app (I’m using an iPhone, btw.)

To give you an idea of how awesome the deals are with Traveloka. When we got our room at Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg a year ago, the rate back then for a 1 Bedroom Suite was around Php 7,500++. I checked around September last year again, it would be around Php 9,000++ up to 10,000++ with other booking sites. Here’s how much you can get it for with Traveloka:

Traveloka Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

We stayed at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel last September right before my birthday through another booking site and I got a Deluxe Room for Php 5,354.45. That’s just a Deluxe Room. Here’s how how much you can get that from Traveloka with Breakfast too:

Now I know rates can vary depending on the season, but from my experience of booking hotel staycations, Traveloka offers the best deals so far.

I eventually booked a 1 Bedroom Suite at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel that comes with Buffet Breakfast for two at the lobby café. I put in a special request for a city/mall view. Our room the last time faced the river, I’m sure the boys would love watching cars and the city lights at night.

Traveloka Eastwood Richmonde Hotel


Traveloka Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Total booking price… no convenience fee!

Traveloka App

Once you’re ready to pay for your booking, you can choose to pay with your credit or debit card (VISA/Mastercard) or Over-the-Counter. They have lots of payment partners to choose from. I booked our hotel at night, so I guess that’s why their OTC and bank payment option wasn’t available for me.

Traveloka App Payment Options

I hope they add PayPal to their payment options too! Once payment has been done, I received a text and email that my booking is confirmed! I don’t have to double check or anything.

Traveloka App


Traveloka App

We had a wonderful staycation at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. So glad I found that great with on Traveloka. If you haven’t tried it yet, download the app now or go to their website here. My hotel review for Eastwood Richmonde Hotel will be up hopefully by tomorrow!



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