We all love to give our children sensational parties to celebrate their lives. But it can be a challenge to create a well put together a party that does not cost a fortune. The alternative is the cheap party decor that none of us want to use, but are sometimes forced to resort to. Here are a few tips that will help you get the unique look you desire without spending your child’s college fund.

The Dessert Table

This is the focal point of the party. This is the exciting and yummy island that children and their parents are drawn to. You want a dessert table to wow your young guests. In the past, parties always called for cake. The cake was the centerpiece and the decorative plates and cups trimmed the table out. The problem with cake is it is messy and you have to be very careful to make sure you have the right size cake for the attendees. You may begin with cutting very small pieces of cake in the beginning and then you realize there is two-thirds of the cake left and only a few people to serve and you begin cutting huge slabs of the sugary goodness to keep from having to take it home.

Next on the scene was the candy buffet. The candy buffet replaced the dessert table with jars of colorful and fun candy which could be served up at the party and taken home in provided goodie bags. They are pretty and fun. But most kids want to blow out birthday candles and it is not quite the same thing when you stick one in a chocolate bar.

Candy Buffet Table

The BEST of both worlds.  Create a buffet table using a small cake as the centerpiece. Use clear jars of different heights filled with candy to create a dessert dream. Use the theme of the party and keep the colors in different hues of the same colors. Allow the children to fill their own goodie bags at the buffet station. You will find the kids will stick to the candy allowing the party child to have their cake and eat it too.

Special considerations

Nothing is worse than taking your child to a party and finding there is nothing at the party he or she can eat. Create a section of candy that is sugar-free, allergy free, and gluten free. This ensures every guest is happy and so are their parents.

You will need a candy supplier that sells candy in bulk and has a line of special and delicious candy that will take care of any special need. Try Sweet Services for your bulk candy and allow them to help you select the right candy for the party. Novelty candies, gumballs, suckers, cotton candy bags, and gummies are popular.

Use a solid or less “busy” tablecloth to cover your table which will draw attention to the colorful treats. Adding a backdrop gives you the extra wow you are looking for. Contrast the backdrop colors or use a bar to hang ribbons, balloons, cut-outs, or twinkling lights.

Know your guests. Do not get stuck in the same rut as every other mom. If your party is in the summer months, consider plastic buckets and shovels to serve candy instead of jars and scoops. Small solo cups that have the writable chalkboard on the side is great for taking home candy and you can write the guests name with your finger. If it is bright, fun, and it will hold candy it can be used.

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