For the past 2 years, I think I’ve only gotten my nails done professionally maybe, 3 or 4 times max. That’s motherhood to ya! Other Moms are lucky to be able to get their nails done on the reg, but not me. Since I’m a freelancer and my income is not fixed at all, in any way, I don’t really have a regular budget for pampering sessions. So often times, I have to pick whether to get something for the kids or spend it on myself. I’m sure you can tell what wins most of the time! Haha. Anyway, a few months ago I treated myself to a much deserved spa day just here in Valenzuela. I didn’t have enough time to go far (as in Trinoma far) so I risked trying out this new nail salon at SM Valenzuela.

The last nail salon that was at this exact same location traumatized me pretty bad. I think it was NailIt or something. Anyway, I had the regular mani-pedi done with them, they were even proud of all their tools coming out bagged and sterilized. Lo and behold, a few days after they took out the dry skin on my big toe (it bled during the extraction part!), I developed nana from the sugat that the nail technician made. UGH! First time ever! I thought I was going to have my toe cut off! I never went back, I didn’t bother reviewing them or complaining (until now!). I just never went back.

Taking their place is Nailworks. I’ve seen this brand on Facebook before and thought I should give them a try even though I was scared as hell to not go to my usual nail salon place in Trinoma.

Nailwork SM Valenzuela

Rows of chairs, singles and two-seaters.


I decided to get a foot spa on their Pedichair (it says they’re one of the firsts in the country!), a mani-pedi, regular polish on my toes and then gel polish on my hands. It was my first time getting gel polish too!

Nailwork SM Valenzuela

Pedichair at Nailworks

Nailwork SM Valenzuela

You can control the massage feature with this remote.

I forgot exactly how much I paid, probably around Php 1,200 or Php 1,300 + tip, but it was worth it! The Pedichair is great! I even went over the allotted time for the massage (you get 20mins) and my gel polish stayed on for weeks. I only opted to get it done on my hands because I wash my hands a lot which tends to quickly ruin whatever regular polish I have on.

Nailwork SM Valenzuela

Nailwork SM Valenzuela

I’m definitely going back. I’m actually due for a mani-pedi! I’ll make paalam muna with the Mister. 😀

If you live in the area, check out Nailworks at SM Valenzuela. 3rd floor, right by GQ Barbers (I think!) and the food court. You can follow them on Instagram @nailworks_ph.

Nailworks SM Valenzuela service price list:

Nailwork SM Valenzuela

Nailwork SM Valenzuela

Disclaimer: I personally paid for all the services I availed and made this honest review. I was not paid by Nailworks.

UPDATE: (10/05/2016):

I just came from another pampering session and loved my mani-pedi and gel/polish. A few complaints though:

a. The UV light thing for the gel polish was going wonkers while I was using it. The whole process took longer than it should have because the thing kept on turning off. Probably something with the wire. Their second unit of that UV light machine was broken. They tried using another one, luckily for me, I was on my last 2 coats. My friend Tin, however, had to get a nail or two refixed because it turned out really bad.

b. I was not minding this before, but the staff are really nice, but a little bit too chatty. I didn’t feel like a spa anymore, but more like a tambayan with nail services. The music was also very loud and not relaxing at all.

c. The least I enjoyed during this trip to Nailworks was my waxing session. I had a half-leg wax done today and the experience was blah. Nevermind the pain, the pain was given because I haven’t had it done in such a long, long time (I’m talking years here!). But the whole process was messy. Maybe I’ve been spoiled with how neat/streamlined the process is at waxing salon, but I really think it could have gone better. For one, the wax took a long time to warm up (should have just waited for my turn at Lay Bare) and while we were having it done, the warming machine was going wonkers too! In the middle of the session, the wax was no longer warm/hot, they were even alternating with a roll-on warm/hot wax in a tube.


The staff seemed like they were just learning as they go (basta, magulo talaga) which added to the stress+pain of the whole experience. The table/bed I was on was so messy with all the strips they used and drippings of wax. I still have sticky wax on my toes as we speak.


Wax that was left on my leg. You know how when you have sticker residue after you take it off? That’s how it feels on my leg. I’m gonna try to take it off with wipes lter.

There are also still some little hairs left that they didn’t bother taking off anymore (by threading/plucking). Sad becauseI paid a lot for this compared to if I had this done at Lay Bare.


All in all, I probably won’t go back for a wax there. But the staff is really nice, maybe they just need to tame it down a bit when it comes to chatting with clients. Tin and I felt like we couldn’t talk about anything because they would jump in our conversation.



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