I’m not sure how much I’ve talked about our homeschooling set up with Jacob and Wacky is, but we’ve been homeschooling Jacob since 2015, when he finished Nursery. While we saw a lot of improvements in him when he attended regular school (he talked a little bit more!), we didn’t like the fact that he was sick every other week. Partner that with us having a newborn at home at the time, we didn’t like it at all!

The ratio of teacher to student was also good at his school, but we had a different vision of how he want him to learn. And that is through life experiences and in a one-on-one setting. We noticed how Jacob struggles with doing work when there are people around him, even if there’s just one other kid in the room. So when we do “school work” at home, Wacky has to be doing something else too, like coloring or just scribbling, or browsing through his books.

Our homeschool set up is not traditional, or the norm. In fact, I would say our homeschool set up and style right now is very relaxed, almost unschooling, because we really don’t have a curriculum that we follow. Aside from the online reading and math program that I got Jacob earlier this year, we basically wing it. He’s just starting to read, but still struggling. I get frustrated some times because it’s embedded in me from my traditional school upbringing and family influence that by a certain age, a kid has to be able to do this or that. That really is not the case, and I’m slowly adjusting to that mindset because that kind of pressure being put my son does not help!

Oscar and I still have a lot to learn, so I’m excited that the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016From Roots to Wings is coming up and we’ve been invited to join! Unfortunately, Oscar will be the only one going because we don’t have a yaya right now. But he is still so excited! So many things to learn on how we can further improve our homeschooling and what providers in Manila are out there, when the time comes that we want to enroll him in one.

Philippine Homeschooling Conference 2016

How to register for the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016 – From Roots To Wings:

Register Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016

There are a bunch of activities for your kids too, so you can bring them along. To find out more about the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016 or to register, visit www.educatingforlife.co for more details.

From Roots to Wings – Philppine Homeschool Conference 2016 Program




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