Around early June, I finally gathered up the courage to get the warts on my face removed. Initially, it was the fear of passing it on to my kids that pushed me to get it done. But my dermatologist told me that it wasn’t contagious naman. So the other pushing factor for me would be have better skin. You know, I’m still pretty young and I’ve heard from “older”, not necessarily old, women that I’ve met that prevention is better AND easier than cure. So I started looking around for anti-aging products. I had to cross out some well-known brands who are awesome at anti-aging products because I had a reaction with them. Me and my sensitive skin. Nakakainis! It makes my options so limited AND expensive. I’ve tried Clinique Turnaround Cream rin. It was okay for a while, but I started feeling some sensation on my skin that I took as a sign that it’s not for me. So with that part of my skin care journey, I’m still at a loss.

But having warts cauterization is a big step. Honestly, I just braved through it even though it was a little bit painful for me. Nothing to blame on my awesome dermatologist, Dra. Ramiscal at St. Luke’s Global City. It’s just that I have very low tolerance for pain! They had to double the dose of topical anesthesia on my face because I kept on complaining. In the end though, I was very happy I had it done with her, at her clinic, rather than somewhere else offering cauterization at a low/high price. I felt safe knowing that a professional was working on my face.

I recovered pretty quickly and well! I just hav eto go back for another session sometime in the near future kasi may natira pa. I honestly believe it’s difficult to get it all in one go, especially if you have a lot. AND I HAD A LOT.

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