Last April 21, I was invited by Rustan’s Home & Heart to check out their Mother’s Day Fair to celebrate, obviously, Mother’s Day, AND their three-month dedication to celebrate everything about and for the family with Home & Heart – A Family Affair. I vlogged about this on our YouTube channel, you can watch that below!

The event was like a fancy workshop because, duh, Rustan’s! <3 We were asked to wear vacation style clothes for the event, but I didn’t have any. So I went with my usual buttoned down top and leggings. Nakakasawa, I know, but it’s so comfortable! Anyway, they have partnered up with Bespoke and Beyond to give us moms tips and tricks to make traveling with the family easier with a workshop called Travel Essentials for Mom’s Getaway. My take home thoughts and ideas from the workshop:

1. We have to stay COOL, CALM, and COLLECTED if we want the vacation to go smoothly.

It’s so easy to stress about a forgotten or lost item. Our mood can easily be changed by the weather. And I think it goes without saying, if our travel companions are a bit cray as well (think kids not cooperating/complaining/whining/pouting the whole time), it really wouldn’t be an enjoyable vacation. So it’s really up to us Moms to be the glue to the family and plan ahead, pack well and schedule activities that will make everyone happy.

2. Organize the contents of your luggage.

For some reason, packing for the trip FOR EVERYONE falls on our laps. I don’t know exactly who assigned us with that responsibility, but I think it’s our motherly instinct to go ahead and pack for the family lest we get blamed for not bringing so and so for this kid or that kid or even your husband!


To keep things organized, you can use luggage compartment bags that you can get from Bespoke and Beyond and use that to separate each person’s clothes. So when you get to your destination, just pull out the compartments distribute to the family what is theirs so they don’t have to rummage through your luggage for their stuff. I’ve been trying to organize our things when we go out of town or sleep over at my in-law’s place by having two separate bags (one for the kids, one for Oscar and I) but we end up with a lot of bags naman. What irritates me kasi is that when we use one big bag, everyone’s stuff is packed randomly. So when Oscar looks for something, nagugulo talaga lahat! And I mean, “rummage through” levels talaga. I really need to get some luggage compartment bags so that we can just bring the big trolley bag. Less stress for me!

Don’t forget a separate electronics/media, toiletries bag (preferably with a hanger too!), laundry and make-up bag! I would love this one from Bespoke and Beyong!


3. Personalize and color coordinate

This goes hand in hand with #2. When buying compartment bags, make sure you get different colors for each family member. Baka naman you’ll get bags nga tapos pare-pareho ng colors/style, eh di wala rin! I would pick violet/pink for me, orange for Oscar, blue for Jacob and green for Wacky. Bespoke and Beyond does personalization for most of their travel essentials!

Bespoke and Beyond Rustan's

4. Repack items such as toiletries



As much as I want to bring a whole bottle of my preferred lotion (we all have sensitive skin, so specific lotions are required!), we can’t because it would be too bulky. Instead, I buy travel containers and have those in hand when we go on vacation. Easy to pack and label! Don’t forget to put them in ziplock bags to prevent spillage (especially if you’re traveling by plane).

5. Layer on clothes

If you’re planning to travel light, plan your outfit ahead so you can save on luggage space with just a few clothing items. You can mix and match, put layers on/off and accessorize. Oh my last trip to out of the country, I barely brought clothes with me (well, with the foresight that I will be shopping anyway!). And my airport outfit was just a simple leggings and longsleeve top plus Keds x Taylor Swift kicks. I would have brought with me a scarf too, but I knew the plane ride would not be too long or too cold to merit one. Throughout my stay, I just mixed and matched. I also brought only two shoes, my Keds and gladiator sandals from Payless.

While I have already been doing a lot of the things I learned from the workshop, it’s comforting to know that it’s not just me who does this and recommends it! Oscar thinks I’m overly OCD when packing for trips. Hindi niya ma-gets! I’m not even mega organized yet. You just wait! 😀

You can go and check out Rustan’s Home & Heart Family Affair throughout the month of April and June and their Mother’s Day Fair until May 8th. Below are the schedule of events and workshops they’ll be having:

  • APRIL 17 to MAY 7 – Longchamp personalize Le Pliage services at Rustan’s Shangri La
  • April 28 – Special deals from the Home Department at Rustan’s
  • May 6 – A Very Vegan Mother’s Day with Jerlie’s Kitchen and Breville at Rustan’s Shangri La
  • May 7 – Delonghi’s Match Made with Coffee Workshop at Rustan’s Shangri La

Visit Rustan’s on Facebook for more details.





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