I finally got to go sight seeing on my 6th day in Sydney. We didn’t do much aside from strolling along Circular Quay and taking pictures with the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge on the background. We had ice cream from Baskin’ Robbins on our way back from the Sydney Opera House to the train station on George Street. My cousin said I’m such an easy tourist to show around! Honestly, I’m not that much into going to every corner and touristy spot because I tend to just stick to what I came there to see. I was okay with just soaking in the sights along Circular Quay and just people watching. I didn’t have much more photos other than the ones below, too! I enjoyed the moment that I was there, there was no need to have more pictures and my vlog was more than enough for me to help me remember the experience.

I ran out of battery on my Samsung NX-Mini, and this was the last photo I took on it!

I ran out of battery on my Samsung NX-Mini, and this was the last photo I took on it!

We left the city around 11:30ish, we planned on getting fish ‘n chips for lunch. But we decided to just get take-out when we get back to the area they live in. I was supposed to meet up with a college friend but she didn’t wake up until we were about to leave. She invited me to meet up again later that we but because we had already planned out our remaining days, I wasn’t able to go back to the city for some afternoon of hanging out.

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