Okay, sooooo, this post was due for the month of February, but since Wacky’s yaya left to get married and will be gone until the 3rd week of March, everything has been slow in production (blog and vlog videos). It’s so frustrating! I filmed the vlog for this review last week, super impromptu, you could tell from the looks of my fez that I did not even put on make-up or fixed my hair for the fear of the boys calling for me na before I even finished recording. I have been on complete Mommy mode for the past few weeks and I am sort of going crazy. ANYWAY, back to the main story! LOL.

Glad® sent me some goodies while I was away and I only got to go through it last week (see reasons above!). I am such a happy recipient because I only like to use trusted brands in the kitchen, lalo na with anything that touches my family’s food. We almost always have left overs that we eat in a course of up to 3 days because we like to eat a variety of food. So we really need a something to store them.



I always use cling wrap kasi I like to see what’s inside the bowls I put in the fridge. I hate, HATE, hate it when food is placed inside containers na hindi see-through, because you have to open them pa eh di air and all sorts of bacteria get the opportunity to get inside and kill your food. Such a hassle! So Glad ClingWrap is my go-to partner. Check out my video, I mentioned there that sometimes I buy cheaper versions of Cling Wrap to save some pesos, but in the end, they’re not even worth the money saved because they don’t cling to the food containers and they break easily!

Glad ClingWrap is available in 3 sizes:

  • (33cm x 300m) – Php 594.00 (Catering Wrap)
  • 30cm x 30.5m – Php 89.40 (Regular Wrap)
  • 20cm x 20m – Php 55.00 (MIni Wrap)

You can find Glad ClingWrap at major supermarkets and also at 7-11 outlets and self-service Mercury Drug stores. Glad® also has other food protection products like Freezer and Storage Zipper Bags, Press ‘N Seal and Gladware containers.

For more information, visit www.glad.com.ph, like Glad® on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.



Roxi is happily married and mom to two boys (#SantiagoBros!). Mommy blogger since 2010, work-at-home Mom as a virtual assistant and web designer at Mommy Mover.

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  1. Ann Margot Gabris says:

    oh,wow!!!! now,i am on jealous move ??… want that,too!!! really a good one for my food storage..OMG!

  2. Ann Margot Gabris says:

    sorry,its MODE not move! typo error ???

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