We always want what’s best for our family, but providing our family with meals that are both nutrient-packed and tasty (even for the kids!) is not the easiest of tasks. Adults are easier to convince in terms of turning them to a more nutritious, high protein diet. Children, on the other hand, are always going to be tempted by fast food favorites, such as pizza and chicken nuggets, which do more to harm the body than good. This is why many moms are searching online for ways to get their kids to eat better, and healthy recipes that will please the entire family.

Mothers and health gurus are constantly on the lookout for healthy and innovative ideas for new recipes for all the family to enjoy. Since mobile internet has become so popular it has turned into one of the most influential tech trends in the internet landscape today. According to Gaming Realms, the developers of mobile entertainment portal, Pocketfruity, developers across the world have started investing heavily in apps. And while a lot of this investment is going into apps that concentrate on a fun gaming experience, a significant portion is being ploughed into the development of wonderful food apps, to help home cooks the world over produce exciting and creative new dishes. These new healthy eating food apps are helping transform the way parents prepare food for their children for the better.


For the moms that are out of creative ideas, Meal Makeovers is an amazing resource to have on your device. Developed by two dietitians that also happen to be mothers, this app has a host of meal ideas that will turn family classics into healthful dishes, without losing their mouthwatering appeal. There are over 85 tasty recipes that are broken down into several categories: breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks, dessert, vegetarian, and even gluten free. Other than the recipes themselves, the app includes a shopping list, a recipe scaling feature, a kitchen timer, and searchable tags. Not to mention, every recipe is paired with nutritional information, as well as tips on how to adjust the meals according to your family’s taste.

Savory family meals are possible without all the excess salt, sugar, fat, and calories, thanks for Meal Makeovers. Children are notoriously known to be the pickiest eaters on the planet, and with this app, they can still eat their favorite foods without sacrificing their nutrition. For just $1.99 on the iTunes App Store, the Meal Makeovers app can give you and your family the deliciously nutritious fix that you need.



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