It’s already Thursday and I’m just writing about our first week of December! We had a super busy weekend (until Wednesday, actually!) with social gatherings and Oscar’s birthday earlier this week. I was all over the place organizing parties, cleaning the house since we were having guests over, while Christmas shopping on the side of all my errands for the week. December is always so so busy! We have at least one party a week for the rest of the month and we are already exhausted! Happily exhausted though. It’s nice seeing friends and family who you barely saw throughout the year. Okay so here’s what we’ve been up to:

The first weekend of December was spent with our closest friends. This year, we had our Christmas get together at our friend’s house (planning on alternating houses/venues every year) and ordered our food from Albergus.

Party trays from Albergus comes in these brown boxes and disposable trays. Making parties easier! Highly recommend their roast beef.

Party trays from Albergus comes in these brown boxes and disposable trays. Making parties easier! Highly recommend their roast beef.

We got party trays instead of doing pot luck, less hassle for everyone. What did we eat? Slow Roast US Beef Belly, Chicken Scallopini (I didn’t like this too much), Baked Macaroni (I’d rate this a 1/5), Seafood Aglio Olio (this was good but I didn’t eat it because it had some chili flakes), Garlic Mashed Potatoes (2/5 — why was it sweet?!) and Ayo’s uncle had spaghetti cooked (I liked this one!).

I printed out our own Werewolf card game, as in I edited and printed them out! I didn’t get to play the game, I was the moderator and also because I’m bad at ‘lying’ games. LOL.

Werewolf card game DIY by me ;D

Werewolf card game DIY by me ;D

Wacky’s Godmother Lalie brought her Uno Stacko and people played it, well, sort of crazy.

Uno Stacko time!

Uno Stacko time!


Bakit kayo ganiyan?!

Once everyone was at the party, we had our tradition version of exchange gifts: grab bag. Everyone brought gender neutral gifts worth Php500.00 and we all took turn ‘grabbing’ gifts from the pile. You can either steal an opened gift (opened by people before you) or a new unopened one.


Gifts and wine on the table. Good things!

I got a super cool personal rechargeable fan that doubles as a powerbank AND it has a light too! Thanks, Ayo! 😀 I bought a universal clip lens and hand fans. Yan ang theme ng gifts namin ni Osc. Haha! She used it for the following photos.

Lalie and I

Lalie and I

Love the clip lens I got her!

I think she used the wide angle version one on this.

We didn’t bring the boys to the party because of their sleeping schedule. They have been in a good routine lately, we didn’t want to mess it up. We learned from last year when we did this. Ugh, their schedule got crazy, I couldn’t deal. It was our first time to go home super late, so we spent Sunday just at home.

Love love my girlfriends! We don’t see each other too much, but that’s okay. 😀

I just have to say, my Samsung NX MIni takes amazing photos! Ang ganda pa ng 'beauty' mode niya! Flawless!

I just have to say, my Samsung NX MIni takes amazing photos! Ang ganda pa ng ‘beauty’ mode niya! Flawless!

Monday came and I had to prepare for Oscar’s party that day! I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet, so I ordered McDonald’s breakfast for him. I spent 4 hours at the mall, Christmas shopping and grocery shopping. It was my only opportunity to go to a big mall while running errands, so I just did everything all at once. I vlogged that day (I’m editing today!) so it will probably be on this week’s vlog. Please subscribe to our channel! 😀 Our house is finally looking homey, after being curtain-less for most of the year because of Wacky’s allergies. Our Christmas tree is up and there are actual gifts underneath now. Jacob is itching to open one gift with a tail poking out of the wrapper. Oscar is teasing him with the gift he badly wants. What a meanie! Haha!

Happy Birthday, love!

Happy Birthday, love!

It wasn’t until around 10:30 PM that Oscar and his jiu-jitsu friends from Bulacan arrived. The boys were sound asleep and I was busy doing finishing touches. We served spaghetti, carbonara, chicken, and a bunch of Shakey’s pizza. They brought liquor, while the ladies and I downed the three bottles of wine I had at home.



My handa for Osc.


We spent Tuesday trying to get some work done before we had to leave for Oscar’s training in Ateneo and spend the night away from the boys. Moms and Dads need time away together too, you know! I waited for him to finish with training by catching up with one of our friends while watching some really, really tall fit girls play volleyball at the Blue Eagle Gym. How I miss playing volleyball! I played for the varsity team back in OBMC for two years. Best school years of my life. I didn’t get to play in high school (mostly because I transferred a lot) and college (I got intimidated because all the volleyball players were tall!).


After his training, we checked in at Microtel Acropolis, got ready for dinner, and went to Eastwood Mall. It was our first time to try Kettle, and for the first time ever, we weren’t disappointed for trying something new! We shared a bowl of possibly the yummiest clam chowder soup on bread I’ve ever had in Manila. No photo of that, of course, it was gone minutes after it was placed in front of us! I loved the bread so much, I almost finished the whole ‘bowl’!


He got the Spicy Buttermilk Chicken with a side of coleslaw.


I had the Angus Roast Beef Hash with toasted bread.

I would order this again! 5/5!

I would order this again! 5/5!

We went around after, got Jacob his Christmas gift from his Ninong Ayo and a ball for the boys to play around the house. There’s this small ‘tiangge’ next to Chelsea Kitchen and I got two Minions paper paper book for the boys to scribble on and some stamps for our homeschooling. We noticed that Joaquin enjoys just scribbling and coloring, so we’re buying more art materials. We were looking for an envelope sealer/wetter so that they can play with their Aquadoodle (the pen is nowhere to be found), but to no avail. Will have to search online or ask my mommy group on Facebook for leads.

Anyhoo, we went home around lunch time the next day after finishing “It Takes Two” on HBO. One of my favorite movies! We just ordered extra rice and a chicken dish from the hotel’s restaurant (ran by Enderun, I believe!) because we had left overs from dinner. Oddly enough without doing anything, I got a migraine. So I had to sleep it off before we left. We came home to two boys and this mess!

We go away for one night and half a day. What happened?! #motherhood #messyroom #playroom.

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After working from 3PM and putting the boys down to sleep at 9PM, I spent a few minutes cleaning up and putting toys in their boxes. I’m OC like that even though I knoooooow come morning, they will be all over the floor again!


All clean!

Phew! We’ve been away from the boys a lot of times since the weekend, we’re spending the rest of the week with them and catching up with work. For me, I’m editing the vlog today and putting it up hopefully tonight. Please watch out for that by subscribing (there’s a link on the side bar!) and following us on Facebook through my page here.

O sha, baboosh! I promised Oscar I will lessen my screen time because I’ve been having a lot of migraines lately. I need to ‘save’ my screen time for editing later.



Roxi is happily married and mom to two boys (#SantiagoBros!). Mommy blogger since 2010, work-at-home Mom as a virtual assistant and web designer at Mommy Mover.

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  1. Janice says:

    Wow, it really was a hectic weekend for you guys. Belated happy birthday to your hubby. It’s really nice that you both got to spend time with your friends. I’m still waiting for a Christmas get-together with our friends too. 🙂

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