Last Saturday, Oscar and I attended a First Aid Workshop at The Babypalooza Bazaar with my kababata bff, Tin and her husband Bryan. If it wasn’t for Jacob, who is currently enrolled at Bert Lozada Swim School, we may not have really pushed through with attending the workshop. Now that he is more confident in the water and knows basic swim techniques and survival swimming, we find it necessary to know how to perform CPR in case of, you know, parents’ worse nightmare. Actually, we haven’t taken him swimming by ourselves since he started swim school. He and Oscar used to swim every weekend at my In-Law’s place, but since we haven’t been going there because of our schedule and lack of a car, the only place he gets to swim at right now is at the gym for class. Tin and Bryan left their car na lang in Q.C. and rode with us. I forgot to tell them that Oscar didn’t train that morning so we left the house just before lunch. It was silly of us to bring two cars when we live right next to each other!

Oscar practicing rescue breathing on the dummy. You can see the chest of the dummy rising up if you're doing it right.

Oscar practicing rescue breathing on the dummy. You can see the chest of the dummy rising up if you’re doing it right.

The workshop wasn’t as elaborate as we thought it would be when it comes to practical exercises. The only hands-on learning we did was CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. I was hoping we would be taught how to do wraps and stitches, but I guess that’s expecting too much since this is a non-certification workshop. But at least we learned important steps to follow in case of an emergency or accident, specially when EMTs are taking so long to get to you. I’ll be posting our vlog on the workshop on Wednesday! It’s so important to know basic first aid, specially when you have kids. I feel like I would just panic like I usually do. But I now know that the first few seconds and minutes after an accident is crucial and that is your window to save a life before help comes.

We went around Babypalooza Bazaar after the workshop and we got a few pretty good deals! I’m done with three little kids gifts for Christmas. I got new Avent #2 teats for Joaquin for only Php 380.00 instead of Php 490 at the mall! Then I browsed through preloved boxes and got bodysuits and onesies for 3-for-100. The deal I got was this pair of sandals for Php 50.00 that aren’t even worn out! And then these pajamas for Php 5.00 each. They are all pre-loved, except for the gifts I got.

At 6:00 PM, we rushed out of there and headed to Trinoma to catch A Second Chance with our friend, Pierre. Buti na lang we got our tickets online! We were supposed to watch at Eastwood, but since we left the house late, we couldn’t drop by Eastwood before the workshop at 2PM. And it was SUPER TRAFFIC along Edsa! We took Q.Ave then turned right heading north and stayed in traffic for about 45 minutes. We were only a few kilometers away and were super hungry! We had quick dinner at Santouka. It was my first time to have ramen. Masarap pala! šŸ˜€ I always thought that noodles are so easy to make, why would I pay Php350+ for it. Now I know! I’d come back again for the chicken ramen because literal, parang hinigop lang namin yung ramen naming lahat because we can’t be late for the movie! We got to Santouka at 7:10, we were done by 7:40! Nakakaloka!

Santouka Trinoma

Santouka Trinoma

Okay, my take on the movie? It was alright. It’s definitely not like the first one though where I cried buckets talaga. I guess I had more hugot and connection with the last movie because I watched it during the time that Oscar and I had our short “break”. While Oscar surprisingly didn’t fall asleep during the movie, he did feel that Popoy and Basha’s problem was blown out of proportion. At one point, he told me, “Nakalimutan ko na pinagaawayan nila.” I guess dahil sobrang pina-complicated nila ang supposedly madaling solusyonan na issue. Hindi rin ako naiyak like I thought I would. Mas naiyak pa ako sa Friday episode ng Kalyeserye. No kidding, humahagulgol ako sa ALDub and namaga mata ko. I’m very thankful of my marriage because while there surely are sad, annoying, and bad times, hindi pa naman kami umaabot sa bastusan levels nila Popoy and Basha. Though honestly, if my marriage was that bad, I would not take “Wala” or “Walang problema.” as answers. I just might leave if my husband keeps to himself that much. Hindi pa naman ako yung type na mananahimik lang especially when I feel that something is wrong. May maiba lang sa way na pag-hinga or galaw ni Osc, my mood changes as well. Kaya I know when something needs to be probed.

Butter & Sugar Crepe --- Yum!!!

Butter & Sugar Crepe — Yum!!!

Anyway, cap of the night, we had coffee, crepes and beer at Cafe Breton. The last time all of us were together was at Tin’s wedding earlier this year. Since then, we all got busy with work, kids, and Tin gave birth to their first born, Austin. We were talking about how we should go to a club to see if it’s still our crowd. Apparently, “club goers” are getting younger and younger, or maybe we’re just getting old na talaga. We passed by Time Zone to use the ATM and I commented that how can I even last inside a club when I am already so irritated with the noise the arcade makes! I’m such a Lola na when it comes to socializing!



It was a fun weekend catching up with friends and learning something new for the family. Watch out for our vlog on the workshop! But I apologize in advance for the shaky camera handling. I need to practice doing smooth movements while recording. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

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Hey Mom and Dad! Share your first aid must have/must know with us!?Leave a comment below![/su_box]



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