Pampers Baby Dry #FirstMillion

Mommy Maria Felicidad Valdoria of Q.C.!!! I am so, so happy for you and your family! I can only imagine how much Php 1M can help with baby’s many firsts: school, first year of vaccines, and so much more! Mommy Maria Felicidad is a happy and proud mom of two kids, Palix Diet (2 month old son) and Bettina Kateria (1 year old daughter). She was just running her usual errands for the day, getting all the necessities for her home and her kids when one pack of Pampers Baby Dry changed their lives! Can you imagine just buying your baby’s diaper needs for the week and bringing home a million pesos?! That’s insane!

[su_quote]”Simple lang ang buhay namin at ang tanging hangad naming mag-asawa para sa mga anak namin ay mabigyan sila ng magandang kinabukasan.”, Mommy Maria Felicidad shares.[/su_quote]

Having kids so close in age makes managing the family’s finances a bit difficult. With all of baby’s first year expenses (check-ups, vaccines, diapers, formula — if you’re not breastfeeding), imaging doing that back-to-back. Nakakaloka diba? But Mommy Maria Felicidad powered through because she and her husband wanted to give her kids the best that they can. She only uses trusted brands for her family, and that includes Pampers Baby Dry for her babies. She admits to have used different brands before she became a Pampers Comfort Dry user way before Baby Dry was launched. But with other brands, her babies were getting rashes and leaks were happening way too often, so she changed to Pampers. And because she was so amazed by how absorbent Comfort Dry was and how it allowed her baby to enjoy uninterrupted sleep, it was no surprise that she ultimately loved Pampers Baby Dry as well.

Pampers Baby Dry #FirstMillion

[su_quote]”Trusted brands like Pampers are not only products we use every day. They help in our children’s development, allowing the to achieve their first milestones in life.”[/su_quote]

Because her babies get complete hours of sleep, they wake up happy and ready for conquer the world. Mommy Maria even said that her babies have been reaching their developmental milestones faster! Mommy Maria says, “Pampers is really more than just a diaper. It is every moms partner in ensuring baby’s better future.”

Congratulations again, Mommy Maria! I am so, so happy that you won Pampers’ #FirstMillion promo for your baby’s first bank account.

Mommy Maria Felicidad

For more details, you can watch the newest TVC below or visit the official Facebook page of Pampers here.



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