I have known about Asia United Bank or AUB ever since I was little. I would go to AUB with my Mom in Greenhills because it was just at the ground floor of our condo then. She still has an account with them after all these years. That means one thing, AUB is a stable and reliable bank because she doesn’t just put her savings in any bank out there! There was one thing that was missing though. I never heard or seen her use any credit card from AUB, so I just assumed that they were purely savings, checking and other deposit accounts kind of bank. Well, apparently I was right! It was just last month, August 2015, that they launched the first ever Asia United Bank Credit Card, the AUB Easy MasterCard!

My good friend Celine who is part of the AUB Credit Card Team.

My good friend Celine who is part of the AUB Credit Card Team.

I was invited to be at the launch and I was surprised to see my college kabarkada, Celine, there! I didn’t know she worked for AUB na (she used to work for another well-known bank) and she didn’t know I was coming!

I got there a bit early so I was able to chat with the people behind AUB’s Easy MasterCard. They were so nice! You know how you think talking with high positioned people may feel awkward or they just won’t talk to you, period? It was so different with the folks at AUB. They were down-to-earth and very accommodating. I chatted with AUB Credit Card Business Head, Ms. Mags Surtida and another sweet lady from MasterCard whose name escapes me (so sorry! You were so nice and I liked your bag!). AUB’s President, Mr. Abraham T. Co, was also present at the launch and we shared a few laughs afterwards when he asked why our purses were always heavy.

Mags Surtina of AUB Credit Card, ______ of MasterCard, Mr. Abraham T. Co (President of AUB), and Ms. _______.

Honestly, I was hesitating to go because I figured all credit cards are the same. They will just lure you in to signing up and getting credit from them and you’ll end up with headache because of their high interest rates. But I was surprised at how unique the AUB Easy MasterCard is! I’m super excited now to finish off my cards and switch to the AUB Easy MasterCard. With the Easy MasterCard, you get to choose when to pay and how much to pay. This makes it insanely easy to manage your credit card bills and your budget! It’s the first of its kind in the Philippines (and I think ever?! It’s my first time to hear of such a thing offered by credit cards!).

AUB Easy MasterCard

[su_quote]”The AUB Easy MasterCard allows cardholders to choose the mode of credit card payment, in particular, how much to pay, how often to pay, and even when to pay.”[/su_quote]

Features of the AUB Easy MasterCard

  • Cardholders can choose how often to pay: MONTHLY, SEMI-MONTHLY or WEEKLY.
  • Cardholders can choose exactly when to pay.
  • Cardholders can choose from affordable fixed monthly, semi-monthly, and weekly payment where the amount due is the same every payment due date regardless of the total transactions made within the cut-off date.8

If you choose to pay monthly, you can choose between the 1st to the 30th of the month as your due date. If you choose semi-monthly, you can choose from the pre-defined sets of payment dates. If you’re like me who get their salary or commissions on a weekly basis, you can opt to pay weekly and choose any day from Monday to Sunday as your due date. How easy is that?! You’ll paying off your credit card in no time and without stressing yourself over not having enough when your due date comes around (mainly because your salary doesn’t come until the next week).

AUB Easy MasterCard

You can also choose how much to pay on your due date. You can pay as low as P250 if you choose to pay on a weekly basis.

AUB Easy MasterCard

And because AUB has partnered up with MasterCard for their first ever credit card, AUB Easy MasterCard cardholders can enjoy global acceptance, take advantage of local and international MasterCard promotions and use their card in stores in more than 210 countries and for online shopping.

You can easily apply for an AUB Easy MasterCard by going to any Asia United Bank branch near you or go to www.aub.com.ph to send out an online application. You just need to scan the required documents for the application and wait for a few days for your application to be processed. You can also call 282-8888 for more details.

Congratulations, AUB for your first credit card!




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  1. This is a good offer and i want to have one!

  2. xcel says:

    Hello i just want to know if may chance ba maapprove ung creditcard easy w/AUB khit walang account sa kanila.. I’d already passed the required documents and nakareceive aq ng email from them na ipa – process nila application q within 14 banking days.. my chance kaya na ma approve? I really want to have my first CC hopefully sa kanila..

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