As a part of a family of dentists and doctors, I’m always checked if I’m in good health or if my teeth are clean. I’m such a masakiting bata growing up! I’m always scolded that I don’t brush properly kaya I have lots of cavity. Imagine my overall health is under so much scrutiny! But I am so blessed to have wonderful doctors, especially 5 dentists on my side because my teeth are not ugly.

I grew up knowing that Sensodyne helps with toothaches. I didn’t like using Sensodyne before because it had no flavor. But now it comes in fresh mint flavor. Sensodyne also has 4 variants: Original Protection, Sensodyne Fresh Mint, Fresh Impact Toothpaste, Gentle Whitening Toothpaste, Gum Care Toothpaste, Fast Acting Rapid Relief, and Daily Repair & Protect (original, whitening and extra fresh variants). So much to chose from! Together with their pangingilo protection line comes Sensodyne Gentle Expanding Floss and Gentle Brushing.

Sensodyne Expert Relief Regimen

Sensodyne Expert Relief Regimen (Photo credit: Sensodyne Philippines Website)

I get pangingilo every now and then because I’m not a big flosser. If I didn’t anything naan na nakakatinga, I don’t floss. This was such a big mistake! At my age, I developed a new cavity. So embarrassing! You see, my front teeth are actually veneers. I got them back in college, around 2007 because I hated how small and baby-tooth like my teeth seemed. So I asked my Mom to make my teeth artista-like. And she did! I wish I could show you old pictures of me before the veneers. My teeth were tiny!

Anyway, I didn’t know the importance back then of flossing, especially when you have veneers. Ayan tuloy! No wonder I get pangingilo even when I do simple things like drinking cold water. I didn’t even know I had it because it was really between the teeth. This was just 2 months ago. Since then, I’ve been more diligent with my oral care. That’s why when I was invited to Sensodne’s #SayNoToNgilo event last June 5th, I had to go!

Sensodyne #SayNoToNgilo

Sensodyne #SayNoToNgilo

Hosted by Sam Oh, the event primarily talked about how pangingilo is such a big part of Filipinos’ lives because we love eating! We eat, eat, eat all the time! 9 out of 10 Filipinos suffer from pangingilo and a lot of them don’t know how to manage the pangingilo so they just live with it. Did you know that you can develop sensitive teeth just by brushing too hard or using a hard bristled toothbrush? If you grind your teeth when you’re asleep, that could make you prone to pangingilo too! Gingivitis or gum disease can cause sensitive teeth. As well as receding gums. So watch out for these symptoms.

GSK, the makers of Sensodyne, spearheaded the “Say No to Ngilo” advocacy last year where dentists, consumers, and Sensodyne came together to enjoin everyone to take action to no longer endure the discomfort of pangingilo. They even launched Sensodyne in sachet packs to make the #1 sensitivity toothpaste in the Philippines available for everyone.

Sensodyne’s brand ambassador, Luis Manzano, shared how pangilo is not something you can ignore. This is so true! When you’re out with friends, eating and drinking, if your teeth are super sensitive like mine, even a simple dessert na hindi cold will give me pangingilo! It’s such a discomfort and dyahe na rin because I can’t enjoy what I’m eating, let alone drink a nice cold glass of water.


This year, GSK and Sensodyne is taking the advocacy higher by launching their “Great Little Moments” digital campaign. The campaign encourages Filipinos to “Say No To Ngilo” and share their experiences on how they are now able to fully enjoy life’s great little moments after converting to Sensodyne.

Heather Pelier, Incoming Consumer Healthcare General Manager of GSK Philippines shared, “With the start of the summer season, everyone is now looking for some place or something cool, be it at the beach, the pool or even just a quick respite from the heat with some cold drinks or a cone of ice cream. But if you have sensitive teeth, enjoying those cold treats can be a bit tricky.”

Heather Pellier, Incoming Consumer

Heather Pelier, Incoming Consumer Healthcare General Manager of GSK Philippines

You can join the “Great Little Moments” campaign in Sensodyne Philippines’ website at by uploading a photo of a moment that you can now fully enjoy because you are pangingilo-free. Winners of the contest will win a trip for two to South Korea!

GSK also launched the final addition to the Sensodyne expert sensitivity regimen line, the Sensodyne Mouthwash. A lot of us probably just use mouthwashes to freshen our breath. Now with the Sensodyne Mouthwash, we’ll get that and flouride to strengthen teeth and protection against decay. It’s alcohol-free and it gives pangingilo relief. The Sensodyne Mouthwash comes in two variants, Cool Mint and Extra Fresh. Comes in 250mL bottles at Php 165 SRP and is now available in major supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

Sensodyne Mouthwash

Sensodyne Mouthwash

At the event, we were treated to loooots of food and sweets! Super sarap the caramel cheesecake from CO/OP. I couldn’t tell if I was getting pangingilo from it at all because it was just so yummy! It was a great experiment in the event by treating us with such a huge selection of food and desserts. Plus coffee from EPIC! Talk about putting your teeth to the test!


Fellow Mommy Bloggers and my mommy friends, Donna and Pehpot, won a buffet at Circles for their awesome photo on IG. Yay!


So if you have pangingilo, use Sensodyne and take care of your teeth! Also, go visit our dental clinic at Roman Dental Clinic, 4th Floor Vmall Shopping Center, Greenhills! 😀



Roxi is happily married and mom to two boys (#SantiagoBros!). Mommy blogger since 2010, work-at-home Mom as a virtual assistant and web designer at Mommy Mover.

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