Last Wednesday, I took Jacob with me while I ran errands. Ever since school finished, he’s been staying at home lang and he’d only go out when we go to Church and to visit my in-laws. Actually we haven’t been going out too much because Joaquin’s eczema flared up again. And I always go out for errands by myself naman talaga. But lately, I’ve noticed that Jacob has been asking me where I am going and he keeps on telling me once I’m home that he missed me again. So I thought of bringing him out with me so that he won’t feel that I always leave him. He’s at that age where he asks so many why’s too. Our day was packed with so many stops, I’m quite surprised that he was still in high spirits at the end of the day. Except our last stop at the grocery when I said I’ll get him ice cream too. He told me, “I’ll wait for you here, you get it.” Aba, ayaw na bumaba ng kotse! Haha!

Our first and second stop was to do a last fitting for a gown for a wedding we’ll be attending next week. But there was no parking at Mel Orlina’s building, so we parked at Red Ribbon and Misono Teppanyaki. I decided that we should have lunch na lang first at Misono. That way I am full when they do a last fitting on me. Wala na akong balak mag-diet diet pa for the wedding ‘no. Love thy body! The gown had to be adjusted which I expected kasi they really tightened it up when I did a fitting two weeks back.

Third, and unplanned stop was at his Ninong’s house in Project 4 to say ‘hi!’. We couldn’t kidnap him to go home with us that day. So we went ahead to pick up my breastpump parts that came all the way from Australia. You see my Philips Avent ISIS IQ Duo pump is so old now, the model has been replaced with a newer one. So when I lost my duckbill valve and the star valve for my manual pump (don’t ask how they all got lost because I don’t know either!), I was only pumping one side at a time. It takes so long! But now that I’m no longer breastfeeding (let’s save that for another story), medyo nasasayangan ako sa nagastos for it. It cost me a total of $30 for the parts. Well, I’m still pumping every day for Jacob naman, he drinks my milk again but only from the bottle. I did get an awesome new dual pump from, the Spectra 9. I’m still writing my review for it so please watch out! I love love that pump!

Philips Avent ISIS IQ DUO


Aside from the pump parts, I also picked up little Tiffany’s inspired boxes for French Macarons order for my friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday this weekend. I’m making super cute macarons! Can’t wait to show you!

Trinoma was our fourth stop to buy Jacob’s ring bearer outfit. We went to Landmark for it. I don’t know how to dress up boys (or girls even!) so I had to ask a saleslady to walk me through the pieces of clothing he needed. Ang gastos ng wedding ha! I mean, I only spent P1,500 at least, but that’s an amount that could have been spent for Joaquin’s super expensive formula. Why are boy clothes so expensive?! So far, I have only bought clothes for him online or from stores in the US then I have them shipped here. I have bought from Zalora and Cudsly so far. Super cute clothes, but limited for boys with how I want to dress him up. But Zalora Marketplace has cute bottoms for baby girls ha! Makes me wish I had a girl, but then again, magastos sa clothes! Magastos both gender! I can’t wait ’til they get older, basta ‘wag lang silang mahilig sa shoes dahil mas mahal yun!


Anyway, here’s my handsome boy! We had to buy the whole getup, minus the neck tie (the bride will supply that one at least). Buti na lang pogi and worth it. Maybe Joaquin can wear it when we have a Church wedding ourselves. 😉

Fifth stop was All About Baking along Congressional Ave. for my baking supplies. Lastly, we stopped by the supermarket for some groceries and the ice cream I promised my side kick. It was such a long day! I’m a little thankful that traffic wasn’t so bad, but having to do many stops coming all the way from the North is such a chore. But like I said before, I don’t usually go out but when I do, I try to hit many stones at once so my trip is worth the time and gas.



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  1. I love having dates with my baby too. Saglit lang naman sila bata. So I want na sulitin.

  2. You have an adorable son. His getup is so handsomely cute!

    Anyway, I go on a date with my three kids together and separately too. ^_^

  3. sarah tirona says:

    so cute! looks like a little justin timberlake! hahaha

  4. Millie says:

    Yeah, i agree. we Don’t normally go out so we really plan things. But, if things are unplanned, I try to maximise the day so i wont have to go out again. It’s just that, its always traffic here in Paranaque. The only time not traffic is Sunday- which all offices are closed.

  5. he is so cute.. just like you, i’m loving spending a date with my little man. sinusulit ang panahon habang bata pa sila

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