I do a minimum of one makeover throughout our house once a year to give our space a new feel. I don’t like clutter or anything that gathers dust. So I’m pretty much a minimalist really. This bugs my Mom who loves her decors at home. This article will be a great read if you’re planning on giving your place a fresh look even if you’re in a budget.

Are you thinking of giving your living room a makeover? If the current set up isn’t working for you or it’s just time for a change, go for it. This room is an important part of the home. The living room is where you and your family and guests gather; where you entertain and socialize and enjoy peace and quiet too.

Here are some great tips from top designers to give your lounge the perfect makeover.

Photo Credit: Simon Morris

Photo Credit: Simon Morris

Get Rid of Negative Energy

As we’ve said, the lounge is the hub of the home so it’s not good having negative energy there. Here’s how to get rid of that energy to ensure your lounge is free-flowing, peaceful and welcoming.

Decorate the Lounge Walls

Whether you just want to add a feature wall or redo the colour of the entire room, paint if you want an easy way to do it. Go for warm, light times to open up smaller spaces and paint low ceilings with white to make them appear heavier. For feature walls, pick a plain wall in the room and go bold with your colour choice – be it paint, wallpaper or even a mural.

Mirrors Increase Light and Make Rooms Look Bigger

Mirrors can really transform smaller, darker spaces and open them up to look lighter and bigger. A good trick is to hang mirrors directly opposite windows for even more light reflection. You can also put mirrors behind accessories like flowers and candles to enhance the ambience.

Make Use of Artwork

Artwork will bring color to your lounge and help to set the mood. Hang some prints or a new piece of artwork to really change the tone of the space and try experimenting with different frames.

Don’t Forget the Sofa

Even your sofa can get a makeover with a new cover or throw. Much cheaper than reupholstering or buying a whole new sofa, throws can be bought in all sorts of sizes, fabrics and colors.

Try Character Lighting

Both floor-standing and table lamps bring loads of character to a lounge. You could even customise the lampshades you already have with fringing, lace or buttons. If you’d like a bit more color, you can fit a painted light bulb to a table lamp. And if you’re on a budget, update your old lamps. All of these forms of mood lighting will create a whole new ambiance to your living room.

Replacing or Updating Window Furnishings

With age and sun exposure, curtains tend to fade. But it’s simple to replace dated, old and faded curtains without landing up out of pocket. And it will make a huge difference to your lounge. If you’re handy with a sewing machine you can make your own eyelet curtains quickly and cheaply. Or try your hand at making brand new Roman blinds to really add some pizzazz to your room.

Hide the Worn Carpet – Use a Funky Rug

If your lounge floor has seen better days and you can spot worn flooring and threadbare patches, you can create a cozy, welcoming space just by throwing a brand new rug down. Go for bold patterns and funky colors to make the rug a focal point. If you already have a color scheme, use a neutral tone rug. It’s a much cheaper option than replacing the entire floor.

And Now For the Finishing Touches

To finish off your lounge makeover, add a few floating shelves to show off your ornaments. The shelves aren’t expensive at all and will keep the room from looking cluttered.

Shelves are also ideal for creating a focal point – just be sure to hang them straight. Finally, add all those accessories that bring out your personality from vases and clocks to cushions and photographs. They’re cost effective and chic ways to make over your living area. Use these items to highlight color accents or themes.



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  1. Great tips from yours, I agree that decorating walls like artworks or wall arts and even frames give a new look to the room.

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