Originally, I wanted to have just a simple house party at home for Jacob’s 3rd Birthday. But the house was a mess and I didn’t have the energy to clean it all up. Plus, I didn’t want to prepare all the food for the party. Our second option was to have a swimming/bbq party for him at my In-Law’s place in Makati. But having picnic tables for all of us (including guests) were not sure because it was a shared picnic and pool area with all the condo residents. We didn’t want to bother them with the logistics and preparation. So I figured we should just check in at Astoria Plaza Ortigas with Mom since she still had remaining holiday entitlement with her Club Astoria membership. At the start of the year, we celebrated Chinese New Year at Astoria Boracay. I have to blog about that too!

Astoria Boracay Pool

We were supposed to go to their newly opened Astoria Palawan resort once my brother arrives from their US vacation. But we ran out of dates to choose since they’d still be jet lagged from their trip and Mom was leaving for the US after Jacob’s birthday. It was only the day before our requested date to check in that we were told our reservation has been approved and we have a room for 5 days! 5 days at Astoria Plaza Ortigas was all I wanted for a vacation and a getaway with my family. My belly is quite big already so traveling to far places was no longer an option. I wanted us to have at least a staycation to consider as our summer. Plus the heat in Metro Manila was killing me and our electric bill! It would be nice not to care about the airconditioning and have it on 24/7.

Photo 5-22-14, 9 07 41 PM

Our check in time was at 4:00 PM, perfect for after we drop off Oscar at Ateneo for training. We had a bunch of stuff with us so we took one of the helpers at home. After settling down, Jacob and I had dinner at the buffet at the lobby. He was so cute being my date for the night! My Mom came around after work with groceries for Jacob and for the spaghetti I was going to make for the party. We actually didn’t invite many friends. Maybe 10-15 family and friends, and my brother wasn’t even able to come so there were really a few of us. I can’t complain though, it was our closest and dearest friends (many of whom are Jacob’s Godparents).

The morning of his birthday, we had breakfast at McDonald’s along Libis and bought groceries at Shopwise. I picked up a cake for him at Red Ribbon just around the corner of Astoria Plaza.

Breakfast of whatever he wanted at McDonald's!

Breakfast of whatever he wanted at McDonald’s!

We served spaghetti, two buckets of Chicken Joy (delivered to the hotel), lumpiang shanghai and fish fillet (c/o my MIL), and chicken alexander (c/o my Mom). For dessert, we had chocolate celebration cake from Red Ribbon and some candies (potchi, marshmallows, flattops, gummy worms, and stick Os) that were also like giveaways for our friends.

Hello food! Hello baby bump in the background!

His Red Ribbon Celebration Cake


Some decorations I made and put up myself!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take too much pictures because I was dead tired by the time people came around. My lower back and waist were killing me so I was sitting down most of the time and found myself laying down on the bed by 7:00 PM because of the pain. I did capture this short bit of Jacob blowing his candle. It was his first time to blow it out on his own after weeks of practice!


I went to bed early knowing that I would have a lot to clean up the next day. So I left Oscar with our friends playing on his PS3 (yes, we brought it with us!). But to my amazement, when I woke up around 4:30 AM to get a glass of water, the living room and kitchen was clean! I actually thought Oscar and our friends were the ones who cleaned up. Turns out, it was all my husband! Bless his heart! He’s getting good at cleaning up too!

Photo 5-25-14, 5 06 02 AM

He got a bunch of Legos for his birthday, including the two Lego police sets he got the day before his birthday when we went to Greenhills. Of course, he wanted to open and build them right then and there. We actually lost a helmet on our third day, to Oscar’s frustration.

Photo 5-24-14, 10 00 45 PM

On our last night there, we went to The Podium to catch X-Men: Days of Future Past. I’m not sure if it was my first time to watch a movie with Jacob at an actual movie house, but it wasn’t his first time though. I was worried he’d get scared inside or be rowdy, but he was fine sitting down and munching on a bucket of popcorn. He was commenting about the movie from time to time but he wasn’t bothering anybody. I was careful about him being too noisy since I know how annoying that would be for other moviegoers.

Photo 5-25-14, 9 41 48 PM

He saw this old standing poster of The Lego Movie by the restrooms and he was so happy! I’ve never seen him so giddy about something and excited to get a picture taken with anyone but us. See his smile! I wanted to take it home or buy it! Dinner was at Yaku, my favorite Japanese restaurant at The Podium. Food is really good and not expensive at all.

Photo 5-31-14, 8 01 38 AM

The 26th was Mother-in-Law’s birthday. So after checking out at noon, we went to their place in Makati to have dinner with them. We stopped by at Rack’s Magallanes for lunch first though. Jacob adores his Uncle Zaphe so much. The collage below is of the three of them playing then Oscar pinning down Zaphe, Zaphe asking Jacob for help, and Jacob shouting “Ok!” and immediately dropping his Nerf gun to attack his Dad. Adorable!

Photo 5-26-14, 5 32 39 PM

We enjoyed our city life and I was pretty sad to go. I enjoyed the view every breaking dawn. It’s nice to be high up and watch the world below. But I can’t help but be paranoid of earthquakes though. We swam once in the pool but there were just too many kids and the adult pool was pretty deep. They also have a spa that’s open ’til 1:00 AM.

Photo 5-25-14, 4 48 44 AM

We had a very pleasant 5-day stay at Astoria Plaza. The staff was great, dinner buffet was lovely, and it was easy managing our stay since we have a full kitchen where I can cook our food and spacious living room where Jacob can be a kid. I can’t wait for next year!

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Ortigas Business District,
Pasig City, 1600 PhilippinesEmail: sales@astoriaplaza.com

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  1. Michi says:

    Wow! Five days of staycation, overnight pa lang natry ko. I’m also thinking of celebrating my son’s birthday in hotel or resort, family affair lang since no birthday party allowed in his new school. Well, 3 months to go pa naman. hehehe!

  2. Happy Birthday Jacob! I like the spaciousness of Astoria. That’s where we had our wedding preps!

  3. Jen says:

    Surely you had a blast though you only have a few guests. SOmetimes naman, masarap din ang intimate time with your closest friends and family lang. Happy Birthday Jacob! =)

  4. Wow, such a great staycation and an even better birthday celebration. Sometimes the really nice parties are those spent only with your closest friends and relatives, right? Kakaaliw how much Jacob loves Legos. My Ziggy is a Lego-addict too. 🙂

  5. We bought a membership with Club Astoria too, but we’ve never used it! Sayang nga eh.

  6. Patty | MrsC says:

    Oh my gosh ang sarap ng 5-day staycation! Such a nice way to celebrate Jacob’s birthday and for you to get some much needed R&R also.

  7. Sam says:

    Going to a hotel is definitely one of the more relaxing and easy way to spend a birthday. Plus, more quality time together 🙂

  8. Belated Happy Birthday Jacob! I’m sure he had a lot of fun!

  9. Happy birthday! Staycation is a nice way to spend time with the family 😀

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