It’s hard to take in how much damage and loss of life Typhoon Yolanda has brought to our countrymen in the Visayas region. I am brought to tears whenever I see photos on the news or watch a video being shared on my Facebook feed. Like many of you must feel, I just want to go there and help out personally. I want to pray for them, and embrace them. Assure them that God is still good and they will be taken care of. I’m sure many of them are thanking the heavens for saving them from the storm surge and life-threatening winds of the typhoon. I can’t write about anything else aside from this.

Typhoon Yolanda

It’s been a couple of days since Typhoon Yolanda lashed on the beautiful provinces of Visayas. But we’re getting news here and there that there aren’t much aid coming in contrary to what we see on TV. Personal accounts of victims say that there is no coordination and things are going very slow. I can only imagine how isolated areas are doing. I hope they are coping well despite the situation there. They are not forgotten,that is for sure. Help and donations are coming in from all directions. It’s just a matter of making sure they reach each and every person in need there.

My Aunt’s helper’s family is making do with coconuts and their remaining rice until help comes in. She’s been crying since Friday, until she heard from her Mama Monday morning. Praise God water in their area is not a problem. Our helper/Jacob’s yaya (Yaya L), on the other hand, has not heard from her family since Friday. We’ve been waiting and praying that we hear from them soon so we can figure out how to send in relief goods directly to them. Yaya L’s cousin went to Tacloban with relief goods, only to be held up by armed civilians who demanded that they give food and water. We’re hoping at least some will arrive in their town in Eastern Samar. She just wants to know if her kids are okay. I’ve already added her family to Google’s Person Finder for Typhoon Yolanda and have been constantly checking survivors list, and sadly, even names of confirmed deaths.

Like everyone else, I’ve been running around trying to figure out how to help and how to send whatever I can since Monday. We hardly felt the typhoon in Metro Manila and I, for the first time, am and will be able to send donations. See, the city I live in is more often than not, also flooded and needing aid during typhoons. I see the typhoon sparing Manila as two blessings. We weren’t affected and I can finally help out too. Since Monday, I’ve been heading to stores buying whatever I can that can help our brothers and sisters in Visayas.

Typhoon Yolanda Relief

First batch: Before ecobags and cutting down on item numbers per pack to make more care packs.

I wanted to help out Moms with babies/kids specifically. I can only imagine how hard it must be to raise a newborn/infant at a time like this. I’m sure you’ve heard of the miracle baby born amidst the chaos of it all.

Typhoon Yolanda Relief 2

Batch two: Now with ecobags and a total of 50 Mommy and Baby Care Packs heading to Samar!

I would like to ask you to open your hearts once more and keep the babies in mind! There are various organizations already running breast milk donations to be sent out to Tacloban. I hope they reach other provinces too! With that, I would like to offer up my Mommy and Baby Care Packs to those who would like to sponsor. Initially, each pack would have 2 – 3 pieces of specific items (like diapers, detergent powder, noodles), but I’ve limited them to at least 1-2 of each so that we can make more packs and reach more Moms.

To date, I have only put together 50 Mommy and Baby Care Packs and these will be sent out to Eastern Samar, specifically Guiuan. I pray that these would reach our helper’s barangay too. Here are the contents of each Mommy and Baby Care Packs:

Mommy and Baby Care Packs for Typhoon Yolanda Survivors
(1) Blanket for babies
(1) Diaper Pack (5 pieces of small/medium diapers)
(1) Napkin Pack (5 pieces)
(1) Cleene Alcohol
(1) Toothbrush
(1) Close Up Toothpaste
(1) Rejoice Shampoo
(1) Safeguard Soap
(2) Detergent Powder Sachet
(1) Dishwashing Liquid Sachet
(3) Water
(2) Biscuit Packs
(1) Instant Noodles
(1) Canned Fish (with easy to open tab)
(1) Match Box
(2) Candle
(1) 1 kg Rice

Each pack cost me around P247.02 each. Sometimes prices of some items would go up a peso or two because they’ve ran out of the cheaper ones I have hoarded so I’d have to get the next one that fits the budget. I would say a donation of Php 250.00 or $6.00 would go a long way to get these care packs to Moms and babies in need. I have already arranged for discounts the next time I buy from the store too. These are packed on re-usable ecobags.

Mommy and Baby Care Packs

Mommy and Baby Care Packs ready to be sent out to Samar in happy colors!

These care packs will go to Samar where there are very little relief efforts coming in. I hope we can all reach other areas too! If you do decide to sponsor a Mommy and Baby Care Pack, please send me a message at mrjacobsmom@gmail.com or via Facebook. I will post every sponsorship and donations given on Facebook and here on the blog to ensure transparency between sponsors and us. Actually, I’m a one woman show right now, with only my helper and her daughter assisting me. I live far from the bustling areas of the Metro to seek out assistance from friends who are also doing what they can to help.

Please, please, please, help the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda. If not through here, through other big organizations sending our relief efforts to disaster areas. Pray for them. Keep praying for them! Right now, nothing seems to be happening i helping them re-build their lives. But let’s not give up! The Filipinos will stand again. Thank you for your generosity!

Again, if you do decide to sponsor a Mommy and Baby Care Pack, please send me a message at mrjacobsmom@gmail.com or via Facebook.

[symple_box color=”red” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”]

  • You are not buying a pack. You are SPONSORING a pack to be sent out to EASTERN SAMAR/isolated areas.
  • I am NOT SELLING THESE. I am inviting those interested who would want to make care packs like these to sponsor so we can put it together here and SEND OUT.
  • Whatever is bought, I will be transparent with all purchases and shipment. If there will be lose change, we will send them together with the batch.
  • You will NOT be picking up anything from our home. WE will send them out using our own car and gas money. Groups heading to SAMAR/isolated areas is not charging for anything because THESE ARE DONATIONS.

It saddens me that there are people who see past through the kindness of people and dig up ill-will that isn’t even there. I have spent 30 minutes on Facebook answering stupid accusations and comments, that it has ruined my morning. BUT MY FAITH WILL NOT FALTER. I will continue to make these packs whether people sponsor or not.



Roxi is happily married and mom to two boys (#SantiagoBros!). Mommy blogger since 2010, work-at-home Mom as a virtual assistant and web designer at Mommy Mover.

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  1. This is an awesome thing that you are doing. I wish that I was able to help but at the moment I am unable too. May God Bless you and your family for helping others in a time of need.

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