When I was a kid, I had this vision that child birth was easy like in the movies. Oblivious to the fact that it can get really, really painful, of course. I always thought that when your water breaks, you go to the hospital, stay in bed, wait for them to tell you to push, and out comes your baby. Well, a lot of those things I imagined how child birth would be like is still true. A lot of people just go with what has been the norm. You go to the hospital and just wait for instructions from doctors and nurses taking care of you.

But I’m not like that, so I did some research. I wanted to prepare myself for labor and child birth. I was glad Oscar and I took Child Preparation Classes or Child Birth Class with Ms. Rome Kanapi. I wrote very little about it here because I didn’t blog too much during my third trimester.

With my birthing class classmates. Despite my crunched up, uncomfortable look, I enjoyed pregnancy!

We learned everything from safe exercises during pregnancy: how to help your baby go head down in preparation for delivery, pain management during labor and even caring for your newborn. It was a great addition to my online and book research that helped me prepare myself for motherhood. Of course, when you become a Mom, not everything is by the book. But it helped a lot to be informed and not swayed by sabi-sabi or pamahiins.

One of the things I was eager to do in preparation for labor and delivery was to make my own birth plan. The idea I had about child birth vanished when I learned that Moms can give birth just about anywhere so long as your pregnancy is healthy and not complicated. Heck, if I knew I would be able to manage pain without the back up epidural, I would want to have a water birth! It looked very peaceful compared to a sterile environment at the hospital. Anyway, I got to making my birth plan as early as 36 weeks just in case I give birth around 37 weeks (which didn’t happen, my boy was born on the dot of his EDD!). While a couple of things didn’t go as planned during my labor since I had to be induced, a lot of other important things were followed. Oh, you can read about our birth story here and here! 🙂

So for you Mom-to-Be’s who are wondering if you can have the child birth of your dreams, yes you can! If you have a supportive OB-GYN or a doula, you don’t have to follow the norm. I was glad to have Dra. Pichay by my side throughout my pregnancy. I could say, minus the emergency c-section, I loved every part of it! From pregnancy, labor, and delivery. But I would not wish labor pains on anyone. That would just be too cruel!

Anyway, I wanted to show you my Birth Plan and the template to the Mother’s Information Sheet that you can give to your nurses or put up on the wall of your labor room so you don’t have to answer repetitive questions, which can be very annoying when you’re having contractions and they keep on asking when was your last menstrual period (GET OUT OF MY WAY ANG PEG!). Check out how brave (and silly!) I was with some of my requests. Particularly the “no medication during labor” part. Yeah right! I tried naman! :p

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My Birth Plan



Mother’s Information Sheet
















Feel free to use my templates and personalize them as you please. 🙂




Roxi is happily married and mom to two boys (#SantiagoBros!). Mommy blogger since 2010, work-at-home Mom as a virtual assistant and web designer at Mommy Mover.

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  1. Wow. I wish I had an information sheet with me! It really is annoying when they ask repetitive questions. It’s sad din that I didn’t get all my requests like being able to walk freely or having my husband with me the whole time. Ang result, CS ako. 🙁

    • I feel your frustration, Kim! A lot of mine weren’t met since I had to be induced (I had an emergency IV, stayed in bed because of the epidural) plus I was in so much pain I didn’t care anymore.

  2. Janice says:

    I’ve given birth three times already and have never written a complete birth plan. It was only on my third delivery that I got to write a mother’s information sheet. So, I’m really very impressed by your preparation. 🙂

  3. It’s great that you have everything all planned out! I was nowhere near prepared with my 4 delivers!

  4. rhonda says:

    This is excellent and so informative!!

    I can rememberlike yesterday, and I, too, thought it was completely different. Of course I started reading and researching early-on, but before that, I had no idea. I think it’s awesome to have your thoughts organized and planned out, that way there should be no confusion when you are scattered and going through pains and stress and excitement.

  5. Wow! I am impressed! I was always looking for information on what to expect and how to prepare, so this would have been great as a resource. And the photo of your group is adorable!!

  6. Wow you were very prepared. I had a slight plan with my first, not so much for the next 5. Each of the 6 deliveries were a little different. I think it is great that you thought this out so thoroughly.

  7. Lexie Lane says:

    Wow, this is really helpful. I had a c-section and had NO birth plan. In fact, I was the very least prepared. So it’s good to see how I can be more prepared in case a second one comes along. 🙂

  8. Jennifer H says:

    The first time around I had a birth plan. I found it helpful and great for communication between myself, the doc, and hospital.

  9. Patty | MrsC says:

    I love how OC you are! I gave birth via induced normal delivery. My doctors were my dad and my tito. I didn’t really need to worry about anything hehe. For future reference, I think I want to have a detailed birth plan too.

  10. Good thing there are things like Child Preparation Classes nowadays. Imagine the mommies before us! They must’ve had a hard time.

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