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A belated Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Mommies out there! Hope you had a wonderful hearts day with your significant other yesterday! Apologies for not blogging this week. A lot of things on my mind and some great changes are coming so I’m preparing for them!

Valentine’s Day is more of like an ordinary day to us since getting hitched. Not that we don’t appreciate the holiday or anything, but we just don’t celebrate it like we used to back when we were still dating. Don’t get me wrong! The feeling is mutual. While we still woo each other and make each other kilig, we don’t make Valentine’s Day a big deal to show our love for one another. Don’t we get a chance to do that every day?

Well, we have a few reasons on why we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’re not party poopers or anything, okay?! Hahaha! We did attempt to celebrate Valentine’s Day yesterday, but we failed! With our reasons below, I’ll be inserting tidbits of our ‘date’ yesterday. πŸ˜€

Numero Uno: Super Duper Traffic!

Metro Manila’s main highway, EDSA, already have horrible traffic on regular days. We don’t want to join people who are trying to make it to their respective dinner reservations on time. Coming from the North, we’re pretty thankful to have the NLEX Mindanao Extension as an option to avoid Monumento-Balintawak traffic. It’s also pretty awesome that I’m great with directions and know a lot of shortcuts so we can also avoid Trinoma-North Ave. traffic. But wait, there’s more! C-5 traffic coming from Quezon City circle just to get to Katipunan (where traffic can get nasty!) up to Libis (even more nasty traffic!) then passing through Kalayaan out to BGC. Arrggh! Get the picture? We know the ‘right time’ to go out. That usually means leaving the house at 9:00 PM onwards. So good bye dinner date!

But thank goodness we live in the far North. Not Bulacan just yet, but almost. Lol. We were supposed to go to Eton Centris Walk for our date but I had so many things to do for Jacob (feed, bathe, calm down) before we were to leave that I got sleepy and lazy! I can be a simple girl when I’m in the mood so I asked Oscar to take me to Red Ribbon at SM Marilao instead. I know. So far right? But no traffic or anything and we can get home in no time should Lola need us. She’s not feeling particularly well so going far (we were talking about going to Resorts World pa!) wasn’t an option.

Numero Dos: People. People Everywhere!

No, we’re not introverts! My husband is, but I’m not. But we don’t like crowded places. It just makes us more vulnerable to getting annoyed with each other because we dragged ourselves there. While I was feeling the love around us with all the men buying and carrying these big bouquet of flowers and buying cakes, there were just too many people at the mall! I know, what did I expect?! But honestly, I didn’t think a lot of people still celebrated Valentine’s Day so much like that. I’m so naive! Lol. While we were going down the stairs to get to the restaurants, I said to Oscar, “Holy @#$%! So many people!” I swear to you, I was a bit frightened to continue our way down because of the swarm of people going in all directions. Boyfriend-Girlfriends, Husbands and wives, taking the whole family out including Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, Uncle, Grandkids, and the help. I was not wrong not to take Jacob with us even though he insisted that we do. I wouldn’t be able to maneuver his stroller or run after him without him getting lost!

Numero Tres: The Long Wait

While Oscar was at Wendy’s to get his much needed Frosty fix, I told him that I would go on ahead to Red Ribbon so I can order and get a table. Turns out, they were no longer serving dine-in food. I wouldn’t blame them though, the store had a lot of people waiting and buying cakes and other sweets to take home. So I scouted for other restaurants at the mall. I wasn’t able to even find a decent sit-down restaurant that had no line that extended a good 2-3 feet out from the door. I was so close to buying McDonald’s. But instead, I got a bagel with cream cheese at Country Style which was served within 5 minutes. I finally gave up and told my poor husband that we should just get out of there.

Oh, he was still in line at Wendy’s by the way. We probably got there around 8:00 PM. I told myself, “Man, this guy really wants his Frosty to be staying in line that long!”. My husband is not one to be patient in waiting so he must have really wanted that Frosty. I decided to get in another line as a backup because his line was moving rather slowly. It was almost my turn when he finally got served. Another 10 minute wait for his food to be served, he decided to grab a burger there. What’s that? His drink? Oh yeah. His drink wasn’t served with ice. Why, you ask? They ran out of it. Lol. I was already frustrated at this point. When he did finally finished, the mall was already closing. That was an hour spent waiting! Good thing I got that bagel too!

Numero Cuatro: Another Long Wait

So we decided to drop by this resto-bar place on the way home to see if we can at least have a good dinner. We got a table, placed our orders and waited. Waited again. I ordered for a Tequila Sunrise which never arrived. Oh, and the food never arrived either. We followed up with the waiters about 3 times until I just said, “Let’s leave!”. What did we get out of it? Just a glass of water, but a nice 45-minute chat with my husband. πŸ™‚

Oscar surprised me with these last week.

We left the house at 7:30, got home at 10:20ish. I had a bagel, he had a burger. His frosty was too creamy too so he didn’t finish it. You can say that I should have just made dinner for us at home. Why didn’t I! I really should have. I don’t know why I didn’t even plan it. But this may be the last time we’ll ever go out on Valentine’s Day. I’ll be preparing better next year. You’ll see! πŸ˜€

It’s a great thing I spent the day with this cutie too:


How did YOU celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Share your thoughts below!


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  1. gina valley says:

    Great photo’s of Jacob!
    I hope you enjoyed the day despite the trouble!

  2. Mrs. Diner says:

    We celebrate with a nice night in with the whole family with a special dinner & treats. My husband has flowers delivered the day before (smarty) & we usually have a date night the weekend before or after. Works well for us to celebrate while avoiding the craziness out there. Some years we’ve gone out for lunch on Valentine’s, which has not been too bad, either.

  3. Morgan Moss says:

    Why don’t you just do something inside the house to still celebrate the day? My hubby and I don’t really celebrate it, but I made sure to have a bottle of wine on hand and we had a nice meal, at our house, with our kids, then we sat around and cuddled while watching our favorite shows on TV. It was a perfect day! πŸ˜‰

  4. ItΒ΄s true that things change and once you have kids things get tougher. What do we do? a bottle of wine or champagne, something special and hassle free to eat and this time around I talked to my kiddos and asked them to go early to bed and to leave mommy and daddy alone to celebrate… Hope you have a great weekend

  5. We don’t celebrate or go over-board on Valentines day either. We feel that we should show love to our loved ones each and every day, not because a holiday tells us too. I did go to the store and bought some chicken so that I could make my husband his favorite entree for dinner. I added some pretty Valentine’s day mini cupcakes to my cart (mostly to feel my craving for sweets) but I wanted something special for dessert.

  6. mitchelle says:

    It was just plain Thursday for us. LOL

  7. Whew! That was a total disaster there! We did celebrate a day before because it was our monthsary also. I just did prepare a hearty meal at home and enjoyed it with the husband. But he was so frustrated not giving me flowers because of the stucked traffic on his way to dangwa. lol

  8. We aren’t fond of celebrating valentine’s outside too for the same reasons you mentioned. I remember last year we just did a korean drama marathon over a bag of chips and ice cream. But this year was different, we celebrated it with our CG where men prepared a romantic dinner date for us.

  9. Pamela says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love the pics of Jacob, he is too cute!

  10. I totally get what you’re saying! Hubby and I always celebrate…but it’s not normally on V “day”. We are celebrating it tonight…when it’s not so crowded and prices are cheaper! lol

  11. Nanay B says:

    A lot of us DO this, a non-Valentine’s Day celebration. Well, my little girl and I had a date but we just rode a trike very near to avoid what you have pointed out. πŸ˜‰

  12. I share your sentiments, mommy! My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s either, kahit nung magboyfriend pa kami. And mostly because of the reasons you mentioned. We tried to celebrate it once and grabe ang traffic at mga tao sa kapal! Sobrang init pa everywhere hehe.

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