Hey everyone! I’m starting my very first blog hop called, “What’s In Mom’s Bag” Thursday Blog Hop! It’ll be a fun and interesting blog hop for all Moms (and Mom-to-Be’s!) where we take a picture of our bag and its contents! Don’t you just wonder if other Mom’s bags are as organized/messy as yours?! Here we go!

Here’s my entry for the week:

1. R & Em Denim Bag
2. First aid kit (with contacts drops, medicines,
3. Clinique Make-Up Kit
4. Multi-Pocketed wallet from Target
5. Baby Wipes
6. Emergency Nokia phone (I keep this in my bag all the time even though it’s always turned off.)
7. Alcohol spray and hair tie
8. Conair Gel Grip mini brush
9. Charter Club bracelet from Macy’s and faux pearl earrings from Forever 21.
10. Butterscotch (It’s so yummy! Given by a friend.), a whistle (I’m so paranoid, I keep a whistle with me.) on top of a hanky.
11. Gift certificates to a spa given by a friend.

Not in photo: iPhone 4S (used to take this one!)

Find out how you can join below!



Welcome to What’s In Mom’s Bag Thursday Blog Hop!
This blog hop is hosted by Mommy Roxi of Mr. Jacob’s Mom.
Participants are asked to take a photo of their BAG OR DIAPER BAG together its content and post it as a blog post on their site. You can tell us a little a bit about your this week’s bag contents (you can also explain yourself why it’s messy! tee-hee!). I’ve included DIAPER BAGS so that Moms who use diaper bags as their bags too can join too! That’s it, easy as pie! Be sure to grab the blog hop button and place it on the post itself so other Mommies can join in the fun!
Each week a random blog will be featured from the previous week’s blog hop. I will then include your blog button on the next week’s blog hop so everyone can visit your blog. Awesome right?

Blog Hop Guidelines

1. Please follow (Facebook/Twitter/RSS/Instagram/Google) Mr. Jacob’s Mom. Leave a comment below to let me know you’ve followed and I’ll definitely follow back.
2. Grab the blog hop button and within your blog post.
3. You may also grab the button and place it on your sidebar or create a separate blog post to let people know you’re participating on the blog hop and invite your readers to join as well.
4. Submit your What’s In Mom’s Bag link post below!
5. Try to visit as many participants on the blog hop as you can. Leave meaningful comments please!



Roxi is happily married and mom to two boys (#SantiagoBros!). Mommy blogger since 2010, work-at-home Mom as a virtual assistant and web designer at Mommy Mover.

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  1. Pepper Tan says:

    This is an interesting hop. I’m always curious to know what’s inside other women’s bags :). You can tell a lot about her personality through her bag.

  2. Pamela says:

    I love this blog hop, I will try to join you next week!

  3. mitchryan says:

    yup I like it. I am joining definitely.

  4. Angeli says:

    This is fun Mommy Roxi!

    I posted a link to your blog hop in my post: http://beadbaby.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-best-diaper-bags-ever.html

  5. Joining this blog hopping sounds fun, but I’m still undecided on the tone of my website. =) I’ll just hop on your blogs na lang.=)

  6. Lyra Daganzo says:

    oh my, Roxi! this is a good one, i’ll join in the fun too 🙂 Would you believe I also keep a whistle in my bag? I’ll post it in my blog later 🙂

  7. michi says:

    Thanks for the invite. I will join next Thurs. =)

  8. What an interesting and different hop! I love it! I’d almost be afraid to post the contents of my purse….I don’t clean it out often enough! lol

  9. My bag is quite boring. wallet, keys, lipstick and phone. I travel light!!!

  10. Interesting, right now mine just has my wallet phone and about 100 tissues =)

  11. mail4rosey says:

    I would totally cheat and throw away my receipts, hide the kid toys, etc. before taking my picture. It’s like cleaning the house before the maid comes (well if I had a maid). 🙂

    What a fun hop though! And I’m totally envious of your super clean bag!

    • Hahaha! I’m sure we all would! But show the kid’s toys and other knick knacks! It’ll be so much more interesting!

      Oh, and a big yes to cleaning the house before the maid comes thing. My sister does it when the cleaning ladies come in her house once a month! She’s like “Well I don’t want the house to be too dirty for them!”. What are they going there for?! Tea?!

  12. Taimoor says:

    very nice blog you have mr’s Jacob 🙂
    What’s you good name? 🙂
    Visit my blog at: taimoorsultan.com

  13. reah says:

    i’ll join this!:D

  14. Mommy is this still on? I totally forgot about this. ONe year na pala ito. I have the entry sitting in my drafts folder that long already. Will join if it’s still applicable.

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