To take my mind off of our nanny dilemma, let me tell you about things Things We Love and have helped us along our journey of being first time parents back when we took care of Jacob on our own. FYI, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just want to share with you why we love The Baby Bullet.

Jacob’s first try at solid food.

We started Jacob on solids a bit later than most. We were traveling to the US for the holidays when he was around 6 months, about the age that babies are to start eating solids. But we decided to delay solids for him until we get back home, by that time he’d be 7 1/2 months old. In exchange for that, I’d continue breastfeeding him and he’d get a supplemental bottle if he needs it.

If you know me well, you know I do my research on almost about everything related babies. I get really obsessed into getting as much information I can before I let Jacob try anything or purchase any product for him. So I read that it’s okay to delay introducing solids to your baby and he won’t be any different to child who started early or even around 12 months (yes, some parents wait until then). And to be honest, I felt comfortable delaying solids because he was breastfed.

Jacob at 6 months old. Does he look starving to you?!

So anyhoo, my Mom and sisters were bugging why we haven’t started Jacob on solids yet (and this was around when he was 7 months old). They kept saying that I’m starving him. While I was firm on what I believe is good for my child and that I knew I wasn’t causing any harm by delaying his food solid intake, they were getting annoying! So finally I got him to try Gerber’s Rice Cereal as his first solid food and that went well. But we wanted to start him off with fruits and vegetables.

His Lola (Grandma) decided to get him The Baby Bullet from Bed Bath and Beyond. I would have said no to getting it if it weren’t on sale that day because Oscar didn’t want to get that anyway.

Our Baby Bullet straight from the store!

While I know that I can puree his food manually or with a regular blender or food processor, but come on, how can you resist a cute little blender and all the accessories with a smiling face?! READ MORE ABOUT MY REVIEW ON THE BABY BULLET AFTER THE BREAK!

The Baby Bullet works in many ways. You can make a big batch of baby food so you can store the rest in the freezer, then thaw it when your baby is ready to eat them. Or you can make a small batch every meal. There are two different cups for both so you don’t have to wash so many things when you make food for your little one. It also comes with two blades, one regular one and one milling blade that turns rice, oats, and whole grains into freshly made cereal.

When I first used The Baby Bullet, I had to carefully read the manual because I was afraid I’d break it. I advise you to do the same should you get it. It’s not an ordinary blender. There are special ways to puree the food, there’s a pulse blend feature or a continious blend that you’d have to learn how to do because there are no buttons! So I say read the darn manual!

The first thing I made for Jacob was organic apple puree. Check out Jacob’s reaction to his first taste of apple puree! Glad I captured this moment on film.

And where would you store all the fresh and yummy goodness that you’ve made using The Baby Bullet? Why on the special Date Dial Storage Cups, of course!

Aren’t they adorable?!

These are adorable I tell you. And how useful they were. Normally, you’d have to label the baby food you’ve made in some way so you know when you’ve made them and when they’d expire, just how you label breast milk when you store them in the fridge. But the Date Dial Storage Cups that comes with The Baby Bullet makes it easier for you to take note of the day you’ve made them so you’re sure that you only serve your baby fresh batches of food.

Oh, please don’t mind the mess in the back! But this is how I made his food.

I tell you, the baby bullet made it easier for us to feed Jacob the freshest food. He started with organic fruits and vegetables so he got a good start in eating solids. What made it easier too is that we can take the Date Dial Storage Cups wherever we go! The day before we were to go to Atlantic City, I had batches of fresh apples and green peas pureed and stored in the fridge in the storage cups. When we left, I just put the storage cups in an insulated bag with an ice pack and they were still frozen when we got to the hotel. You can thaw the food by placing it under running warm-hot water, on a bowl with warm-hot water or just leave it out in the counter to thaw by itself. Most of the time that’s what we did.

It’s also pretty easy to clean especially if you have a dishwasher at home. Manually, it’s not a problem either because everything comes apart so you don’t have to squeeze your fingers inside the cups and blades.

Making home-made baby food was so easy for us with The Baby Bullet. I can make a whole week’s worth of baby food under 5 minutes (not counting the cleaning and peeling of the fruits/veggies of course!). And it certainly made feeding time easy for us. So yes, I’m pretty glad Lola got us The Baby Bullet for Christmas. It saved us money from buying jarred baby food and gave Jacob the best start in solids by making him fresh home-made baby food.

If you’re in the Philippines and you’re interested in getting The Baby Bullet for your baby, I’ve seen them being sold at True Value and online. I believe I saw some Groupon site (I’m not sure which one) offering a discount for it. If I remember correctly, they’re priced at P2,500 here.

What was the first solid food your baby had and during what month?
Share your thoughts below!


Roxi is happily married and mom to two boys (#SantiagoBros!). Mommy blogger since 2010, work-at-home Mom as a virtual assistant and web designer at Mommy Mover.

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  1. Theresa says:

    I have the adult Magic Bullet and LOVE it. I wish the Baby Bullet had been available when my girls were babies. I think making their food would have been so much easier then!

  2. I always wondered how the Baby Bullet was! I may have to get one with our next child. 🙂 The Date Dial Storage Cups sound like they sure would be helpful! Thanks for this great review!

  3. Susan says:

    I have heard these are amazing! I used my food processor and it was a pain to drag it in and out each time. Ava’s first solid food was milupa pablum. And truth be told, she still likes it for breakfast once in a while! lol

  4. Gina says:

    We started our little guy around 6 months… I think it was rice cereal. But I have to tell you, my favorite baby food guide was a book called Super Baby Food. We made all of our own food, in a similar fashion to the Baby Bullet method and LOVED it. In fact, I only recently stopped making him the rice cereal out of that book a few months ago and he is 2 and a half!

  5. Aww, I wish I bought a Baby Bullet when Kelly was starting out. I might try it with our second one, thanks for sharing. 🙂

    I started giving solid food to Kelly when she was six months old. I think the first one I gave her were mashed bananas.

  6. carol says:

    saan po nakakabili ng baby bullet original? badly need it. i check bed bath and beyond and para pong hinde pde magpurchase dto philippines. In dollar din sya. pls help thanks.

    • Hi Carol, sorry for the late reply but I hope you still get to see this. I have seen the Baby Bullet sa SM Department store I think. But you can also order it from Lazada or watch out for it sa Cash Cash Pinoy.

  7. mommymarlene says:

    hello. i bought my baby bullet from lazada. no indication though if it runs in 220 or should i consider 120v? yung sa sm ba 220v na?

  8. Ma Cristina jo cuisona says:

    I wish someone could share the difference from fake and genuine. So many cheap offers of it. The cheapest i saw was 800 pesos. ?

  9. Sapph says:

    Huhu true!! So many sa instagram! I want one for my 5 month .

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