His actual birthday is just a few days away and I am excited! I can’t believe my little boo-boo is turning 1! What the heck?! Where did the time go? I believe I was not sleeping for the most part of the past 12 months so how can he be a year old already?

Hey little guy! Happy Birthday!
Every day we see a new side of his personality. He’s even more silly now, he loves making faces and trying to make me or his Dad smile. It’s so adorable when he sneaks up behind me while I am sitting on the bed and tries to peak over my shoulders or sides to make me look at him and then he would throw into fits of giggles just because I looked and smiled at him. Sigh!
I wish I could actually share him to you guys so that you can see how he’s turning into this amazing little child that just wows you with everything he does. READ MORE AFTER THE JUMP!

Anyway, with the party preparations taking a lot of my attention side by side with work, I am stressed! I’m trying to budget and stay within that budget and I’ve made so many adjustments already. For one, I’ve decided to just make his cake instead of ordering it from my favorite baker, Clarissa Banaag of Frupcakes. I would be getting cupcakes from her instead to serve at the candy buffet table I am setting up myself.
I want to share to you guys what I’ve been doing to prepare for this incredible milestone that I can’t believe is fast approaching!
The color scheme that I went with is light blue, royal blue, and lime green. Dominant colors that can be seen in his invitations, balloons, decorations, and candies. It doesn’t have any characters, just polka dots, stars, cupcakes, and the number 1. I wanted to keep it simple.
I have purchased these ready-made invitations from Party Fair while on vacation in the US. I didn’t want to spend too much or create my own invitations for the party since we mostly do invites over Facebook anyway. They’re great for keepsakes and just a little something to give out to friends too. I wanted to send out actual invitations for his first birthday. It’s pretty neat because it comes with its own sticker to close the envelope and another sticker as “Save the Date” reminders for our guest’s calendars. Something people don’t really do here in the Philippines.
I followed the color/theme/group of the invitations for the mega decoration pack and latex polka dot balloons. All fromParty City and Party Fair. Why can’t we have decent party supplies store in the country?!
I also had my eye on this cute polka dot ‘1’ candle but they couldn’t find it in the store for me and I was not able to order it from Amazon so I am still on the lookout for one.
I’ve decided to bake his birthday cake for the party myself so that we’ll only have one candle-blowing cake and his smash cake for him to enjoy. I still don’t know how I would decorate it but I sure hope I don’t mess it up because it will be in display at the candy buffet table! Haha!
For guests, they can enjoy the cupcakes I ordered. I will definitely enjoy it!
Candy Buffet
 My inspiration. Credits to photo owner.
Well I don’t want to say yet what we’re having since it’s something I want to be a surprise. I’ve been wanting to create my very own candy buffet spread and here’s my chance! I’m still looking for decorations to put on it like confetti and feathers. I’ve tried department stores and National Bookstore to no avail. I guess I’ll be making them on my own.
Additional Stuff
My Mom bought this stuffed 1st Birthday Dog that we can pass around for guests to sign at the party. It will make such a great keepsake for Jacob because I’ve seen my niece and nephew’s 1stBirthday pup and it’s pretty cool to see what I and other people wrote there when they turned one.
Jacob’s Outfit
Jacob with his Aunt Ebon wearing his jumper and polo onesie from Ninang Rozel.
I’m such a bad Mom in this department because I haven’t gotten him anything to wear. So I called for help to my Ate Rozel in New Jersey and she went shopping at Baby Gap with Mom. She won’t tell me what she got but I know it’ll be great because we just love, love, love the jumper and onesie polo shirt she got for Jacob last Christmas. Both from Baby Gap as well. Lucky kid!
I got this cute bib coordinating with his party theme. Will definitely put this on him so he doesn’t ruin his outfit.
Still Deciding
I’m still contemplating on whether I would get an ice cream cart (seems fit for the weather we’ve been having! I think my guests will be grateful!), a karaoke machine (we have a Magic Sing that works just fine with new songs), and a photo booth (I can just my niece to take photos for a few bucks right?). Right now I’m thinking more of the ice cream cart to keep our guests cool.
I still have a ton of things to finalize, buy and do next week. I just hope I would have enough energy to do them all because I’ve been preparing for this party by myself! Thanks to my financier, Oscar!
I can’t wait for my little boy to turn one but at the same time I wish time didn’t go so fast!
I love you, Jacob! Everything for you!


Roxi is happily married and mom to two boys (#SantiagoBros!). Mommy blogger since 2010, work-at-home Mom as a virtual assistant and web designer at Mommy Mover.

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  1. Miss Cookie says:

    Hi! You said you were planning a candy buffet right? Go to this link! >>>>>>>
    P.S. Love your blog Jacob is so cute! 🙂

  2. Hi Miss Cookie!

    I would love to get that but the party is next week already! It says valid starting from June 1. 🙁 I want a cotton candy cart pa naman.

    Thanks! I hope you visit regularly! 😀

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