I’m posting this so late in the year in terms of planners coming out for 2012, but here goes!

Being an OC the person that I am, I would have a planner or two by my side. As if having an iPhone or an iPad isn’t enough, I feel the need to actually jot down appointments and to do lists. I sometimes wonder why I even bother to be ‘techy’ but they are helpful especially since actual planners can’t tell you, “Hey! Your appointment is today!”.

See what I mean? Photo courtesy of my friend, Faye. Read her blog here.

I once tried and successfully got one of those Starbucks Planner that people go crazy for. It was during the time that Osc and I were going through a rough patch in our relationship and I was burying myself with school, tons of coffee and alcohol. And those were the days I was thinner. Hahaha! Anyway, I did end up gifting it to a friend instead since I had so much already during that time.

Anyway, a good friend of mine who is part of the PR team behind this wonderful and unique planner sent me a copy of The Last Planner You’ll Ever Have. They have been pre-selling these limited edition planners on their Multiply Store and on Facebook with sales sky rocketing just merely a month after its release.

From their media kit:

Some say the world will end on December 21, 2012, and that people should all be afraid. A group of creative individuals think otherwise.
Creators of the “The Last  Planner You’ll Ever Have 2012” have recently opened its online shops for limited edition planners that poke fun at a very serious topic of the apocalypse.
“We’re giving the people a lighter, more fun approach on all the theories and predictions about the end of the world,” Therese Endriga, one of the writers stated. “It’s also a perfect gift idea this Christmas season to give your family, friends or colleagues,” Endriga adds.
“The Last  Planner You’ll Ever Have 2012” includes theories on how the world will end, tips on how to survive (per theory), bucket lists, survival tips, last day playlist, template letters, and a lot more.

You can’t help but laugh when you see the pages dividing the months of the year. My favorite would be ‘Thriller October’ since I love zombies and possibly zombie apocalypse. Though I am not sure what I would really, really do when that happens. Oh lord, please let me be prepared when it does!

It also contains templates that you can use when the ‘end of the world’ is near so you can tell your boss to shove it. Hahaha!

Also free for you to use is a ‘Last Will and Testament’ template. No need for your family lawyer. Just fill up the spaces and you’re good to go!

Love the hilarious ‘End of the World’ coupons. Of course they’re not real but they should be! Would love to have two well-trained body guards for the rest of my life.

No wonder these planners sold like pancakes. It’s incredibly witty and you’ll spend hours and the whole year filling this baby up. Osc asked if he could have it. I said no. It’s one of the kind! Can’t simply give it away for him to doodle on! 😉

The Last Planner Team is having a closing out sale right now at their Multiply store until May 20th. Grab your copy now for only P150 with free shipping anywhere in the country.

Question of the Day:

How do you plan your week/months? What kind of planner or organizer do you use? Share them below on my comments section!



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  1. Pamela says:

    Love this post, I am an organizer have my week planned out on my calender, have a dry erase board up with what things are going on for the week. I homeschool so that is a big part of me having to be so organized! Thanks for sharing.

  2. kim hix says:

    Mr. Jacobs mom, love it, so cute. Much more organized than I am, Kudos !!

  3. Pamela, I would love to homeschool Jacob! I just hope I have the strength to do it while working from home. When we get our own house, I can imagine a big dry erase board in our kitchen.

    Kim, Thanks! 😀

  4. Rosann says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s hilarious!! My husband and I are always looking for a better solution to our planning woes. I might have to introduce him to the end of the world planner. Too funny!


  5. Rosann, if we lived in the same country I’d send you one! 😀

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