Here we go! Sorry for taking so long with this trip report saga.

Part 1 of 4: Manila to Los Angeles
Part 2 of 4: Los Angeles to Newark
Part 3 of 4: Newark to Detroit
Part 4 of 4: Detroit to Manila Part 1
Part 4 of 4: Detroit to Manila Part 2
Part 4 of 4: Detroit to Manila Part 3

Awful snapshot of LAX

After 7 fun and tiring days in California, we headed to the East Coast for some cold weather! We stayed for such a short time in LA because we had more family to visit in New Jersey.

Flying again, Mom?

Our flight was scheduled to leave 12 noon, so we were dropped off by my sister and niece at LAX around 8 o’ clock in the morning. Going back, I don’t remember us having breakfast before leaving the house. We should have eaten though, because I knew for a fact that we wouldn’t be served any meal on-board the plane because it’s only a domestic flight and a pretty short one from LAX to Cincinnati which is our layover going to Newark, around 5 hours if I’m not mistaken. READ MORE AFTER THE BREAK!

On the tram going to our gate

This departure from LAX was different from my previous travel experience. We had to take a shuttle from the Delta Terminal to our gate at the opposite terminal. The gate area was still under construction so there was nothing to do while we waited for our flight.

View from Ruby’s Dinette

Is he grumpy because of the expensive but small meal?

We had burgers for lunch at Ruby’s Dinette and it cost us $26.61 for 1 double cheeseburger, 1 regular cheeseburger, and 1 vanilla shake. Why are airport food so expensive?!

Jacob was, as always, charming everybody at the diner with his cuteness! A few people stopped by to oogle at him. Hey, his parents are fairly decent looking too (they like to think so. LOL)!

I breastfed him for a while before we headed back to our gate. Jacob was getting grumpy already because he didn’t get to nurse to sleep and it was his nap time already. The plane had 2 rows of 3 seats.

As always, we boarded the plane first so that we can settle in before the aisle traffic gets bad. Oh, how hard I was praying and hoping that our seatmate, who will be then taking the window seat, loved kids and would not mind occasional cries and whimpers. A man, probably in his late 20s or early 30s, took the precious seat. And luckily, he’s a nice one. He made small talk with Osc about his experiences flying with his own kids. I was so relieved that we were seated next to someone who can actually understand. Although I feel a bit bad that during the whole flight, he didn’t stand up or go to the lavatory because Jacob and I were on the aisle seat.

There were no Economy Comfort seats on this flight as it is a domestic one. I don’t think Delta has added EC yet on domestic flights. But the leg room was more than expected. Again, take in consideration our height. We’re not tall at all so a person who is 6 foot 2 may give a completely different feedback on the seats. We were only served drinks and peanuts/pretzels/Delta’s Signature Biscoff Cookies, with Buy-On-Board options. So by the end of the flight, we were pretty hungry.

We received smiles and praises when we arrived in Cincinnati because of our well-behaved baby. When you travel with an infant, you get smiles from other passengers but I know for a fact that in their head they’re thinking, “Oh god, a baby. This is going to be a long flight.” How we proved them wrong! I can’t wait to post my traveling tips for those traveling with infants. It’s not easy to travel with babies, so I have a couple to share to you guys to make your flights bearable.

We stayed in Cincinnati, no longer than 45 minutes. Our arrival gate was sooo far from our departure gate, I thought we’d miss our flight! I was only able to buy a cold sandwich and a bottle of Minute Maid Lemonade before they commenced boarding.

Another new experience of boarding the plane, we went down the tarmac/apron instead of the air bridge to board the plane. I’ve never experienced that before and it was pretty cool. Osc got a taste of the East Coast weather. He was delighted with the ‘smokey’ breath he had I couldn’t help but laugh!

Leg room on our domestic flight from Cincinnati to Newark

The plane was TINY. There were probably only 20+ passengers on that flight. One row, 2 seats on each side. It was so small that anyone who had two carry-ons or anything larger than a regular carry-on had to gate check their stuff. Thankfully, the breastpump bag and the backpack fit perfectly on the overhead bin and under the seat in front of us.

Just the three of us!

It was a short flight, barely an hour and a half. Again drinks and snacks were served. I was surprised they even did service because of such a short flight. In no time, we were in Newark, New Jersey. I love arriving at this place! It can only mean one thing, I get to see my family again!

Jacob was still an angel on this flight and he even made a couple of friends from the 2 rows in front and behind us. Praises for this kid! I wish my next babies will be as behaved as him on the plane!

Our luggage

Newark Airport was empty as expected. After deplaning, Jacob got a nappy change so that when we’re on the road, he won’t be as fussy. We didn’t get to go down the arrival area and carousel until 30 minutes after arriving. So by the time we got down, our bags were getting wheeled to the Delta Baggage Lost & Found office. And my family was still nowhere in sight!

Waiting, waiting! Where are they?!

We apparently arrived 30 minutes earlier than I had told them so we waited for a while. I was so excited! I haven’t seen them for more than a year and they are meeting Jacob for the first time! I am so excited for everyone! We got home around midnight and Jacob was already cranky. So he was off to bed while my husband enjoyed his home-made champorado.

Lola with a silly expression!

My Mom hasn’t seen Jacob since he was barely a month old. So she was so happy to be able to carry him. But he was so darn heavy now, that 5 minutes of carrying him is too much for her back!

Sigh, thinking about it now makes me miss my family even more! I wish New Jersey is just a train ride away so we can see each other often!

There are 2 more trip reports coming so hold on tight! It’s so hard for me to reminisce our trip because I miss my family so much and it pains me to think about how far they are from me.

I really can’t wait to visit again!



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