Right about now, we would be settling down already in our home back in Manila after a long flight from New Jersey. That is if we had pushed through with our original departure date. We moved our flight home to the 18th because Jacob caught the flu that he started in the first place! 🙁 Poor baby.

He had high fever the night before we were expected to leave. He also started having a runny nose, but no cough. After careful consideration, we rescheduled our flight to Wednesday next week, leaving at 12 o’ clock in the afternoon and arriving in Manila past midnight on the 20th. I had to carefully reschedule it by phone with Delta because we had purchased Economy Comfort seats on the long-haul flight so I had to make sure that we would get the bulkhead seats at least. Luckily, the very helpful Delta agent found us an itinerary that will fit perfectly. He even went on to ask his supervisor’s help to secure our bulkhead seats so Jacob would have his bassinet. The re-scheduling cost us $200 for both tickets. We originally wanted to leave on Saturday instead, but they are asking for us to add $900+ more for the difference in ticket price plus the processing fee.

Totally irrelevant. Just us being silly!

Early Thursday morning, I called Delta again and asked if we could change our outbound flight from New Jersey to leave at 9:00 AM instead of noon so that we would have a longer layover time in Detroit rather than just 50-so minutes. I wanted it to be longer so that Jacob would have time to walk/crawl around and play before embarking on a 13-hour flight home. The Delta agent that I talked to the next morning morning was so helpful! Thumbs up for the customer service we have been getting from Delta.

Normally, you would need to pay a processing fee whenever you make changes to your itinerary. But since we only changed our tickets last night, she made sure that we would not have to pay an extra $250 for the flight change request. Thank you so much! It’s such a big help. I wish I had taken down both their names because they were incredibly helpful and efficient!

At the doctor’s office with Auntie Rozel and Lola

We also went to the doctor’s office Thursday afternoon to get him checked. Turns out he has sinus infection because of the long duration of his colds (which were on and off since December) that needed to be cured with the help of antibiotics. Osc and I started on antibiotics last night too to help us deal with our own cough and colds.

Here’s to hoping we get better over the weekend! Prayers please!

Virtual hugs and kisses from us. 🙂



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  1. kay says:

    nakakatuwa pag may ganyang mga blessings no?

  2. Nova Cruz says:

    Have a safe trip sis, though I think you and your family are on your way home. =)

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