Forgive me for the late update! Oh my gosh, you have no idea how busy I’ve been lately. We’re (or shall I say “I”!) have been packing for our trip. We’re leaving on Saturday! AACCCCKKK! Anyway, here goes!

Last Saturday, I was invited by Nuffnang Philippines to attend OFF! Lotion’s Top Moms Tea Party at Lemuria Restaurant in Horseshoe Village, Q.C. It was actually my first time to attend an event as a Mom Blogger so I RSVPed as soon as I got the invite. It was a Mom and Kid/s event.

The reason I excitedly accepted the invite is because I have been using OFF! Lotion since I was a kid myself. Up to now, mosquitoes just love nibbling on me. It’s like I have a higher chance of getting bitten than anyone else in the room. This has been going on since I was a kid. Up to know, too, I scratch and scratch when I do get bitten, so they leave awful dark marks on my legs. 🙁

They look something like these guys.

I remember never forgetting to put on OFF! Lotion before I play outside with my friends. Recently though, my Mom and sisters have brought home these spray type of OFF! and they actually smell good. I think the other one smells like melons or something like it. Anyway, I always that spray when I do go out to our garden or to my Aunt’s house next door because I am sure to get bitten. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to directly spray on you. You need to spray away from your body and on your clothes so they will think twice of going near you.

A little disclaimer though. I do not have my notes with me during the event so forgive me if I forget to include names and other important information. I will update this. I also didn’t get a press kit or the CD that they gave away with the swag bags because by the time I went out they were already gone. Anyway, back to the party!

Jacob and I got there just in time. I actually brought his stroller and car seat along because I was alone, and I thought the space would be able to accommodate his ‘ride’. But Lemuria is a date-kind of restaurant so the place is very intimate. I’ve read its dining area can only take up to 20 guests, correct me if I’m wrong. So I just carried his car seat and placed it on the chair next to me.

Upon arrival, I was welcomed by Thei of Nuffnang Philippines and was asked to ‘sign-in’. After that, Jacob and I took advantage of their photo booth. I looked funny in the photos because I wore this sun hat in accordance to the ‘tea party’ theme. Haha! Anyway, we went in and refreshments and yummy food were already being served. The room was packed with tons of Mom Bloggers and their kids.

I loved theseeee! They’re like small cream puffs! What are they?!

I wasn’t able to taste everything that was served because Jacob was a little bit fussy that day. Maybe because he just had his shots that morning or that he was tired as it was beginning to be a long day. But I did enjoy the pastries and cupcakes! Yummy!

The Tea Party was basically to let us Moms know about OFF! Lotion’s Top Mom website that aims to help Moms be a Top Mom and to promote their newest product, OFF! Lotion Clean Feel. The site isn’t up yet, but it will launch on December 9, Friday. So do please visit! I will post the link up when I get a hold of my notes.

The Clean Feel OFF! Lotion is different from their past products as this one does not contain any preservatives, fragrances, or colorants. Just like other OFF! Lotions, it can repel mosquitoes effectively for up to 4 hours. It is actually suitable for children (age 2 years and up).

I think I am a Top Mom. Or at least I try to be. I say that because I prioritize my son and family before anything else, even myself. I make sure that they are fed, healthy, and most of all, happy. I research about how to keep my son healthy and how to help him reach his full potential.

I can’t express more how self-less I have become since I became a Mom. I dedicate my life to my family because they are the most important part of my life. I really would just go out and buy things they need than buy things for me. I would rather share. I think that is what being a Top Mom is all about.

Overall, the event was a great success. I believe it has done its purpose and have reached out to Mom Bloggers about OFF! Top Moms. I forgot to mention that they even had activities for the kids (Aged 5 and up only though) to keep them busy while Mommies are enjoying the program. The event was attended by two top Pediatricians in the country. But I am so sorry, I can’t place their names right now. All I can say is that they answered the questions by Moms at the event really well, and would be answering future questions from other Moms through the Top Moms website. Oh, did you know that ‘hamog’ isn’t true/real? I was surprised a lot of Moms didn’t know that.

I can already see it, me browsing and posting endlessly. As of now, I visit Baby Center, What To Expect, and Smart Parenting as my reference. I cannot wait to add this one to my list. Thanks OFF! and Nuffnang Philippines!



Roxi is happily married and mom to two boys (#SantiagoBros!). Mommy blogger since 2010, work-at-home Mom as a virtual assistant and web designer at Mommy Mover.

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  1. off lotions are in my list every time my son and i would travel 🙂

  2. gie says:

    oh shoot! I was invited too but work got in the way! sayang, nameet sana kita mommy roxi ^_^ was it fun?

  3. kay says:

    awwww … I wish I was invited too

  4. I also have that spray-on Off 🙂
    but lately, I’ve taken a liking to those anti-mosquito patches. hehe

  5. i’ve used Off Lotion when I was back home & make sure I get one whenever we go home.
    We read the same sites, i signed up with WTO site to get regular emails. And I also read Daphne & Chuva’s sites =)

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