I was supposed to start working today, but chaos seem to invite itself into our home the moment I go back to work. Our dog, Tyler has been apparently dealing with severe infestation of lice/ticks/whatever they are. We are appalled on how little he’s being taken care of by our helper. I don’t see him everyday and I don’t usually go ‘down’ to where he is at so I didn’t know what was going on until Osc showed me last night. She didn’t even tell me that it was that bad. She sees the dog everyday. How hard is it to tell me that he needs treatment ASAP. *sigh*

Anyway, I don’t know if I have already talked about our ‘alpha’ dog and the other two dogs here at home, but here goes.

Chowder, the night I brought him home. So cute!

When I was still single and living in my own apartment, my Mom bought me a cute little Pomeranian puppy from Tiendesitas whom I named Chowder. Before we even actually bought him, I drove back and forth like 4 times. Each time I would ask to hold him and pet him. It’s like he was really waiting for me to bring him home! Originally there were two of them, him and his sister. Mom was telling me to get the female one so we can breed some more pups. But then I figured, I would be so hassled when that time of the month comes for her AND me. Can’t have two female at home menstruating. Sorry TMI. Haha!

Anyway, we got him and boy was I so happy to have someone to take care of at home! He was housebroken by the second week! Oscar (who was still my boyfriend then. yihee!) and I trained him with basic tricks like ‘sit‘ ‘stay‘ ‘fetch‘. For some reason, he never did learn how to ‘rollover‘ or even go on his back. He somehow developed a fear of being on his back. Weird little dog. I took care of him like I would a baby. He had the cutest dog bag and all.

Five or so months ago when he was still allowed in our room. Not so small anymore, are ya?

When I got him, I initially thought he would stay small. Why wouldn’t I when he fitted perfectly on one palm! I was told he is a toy-sized Pom. Six months later, he grew so much bigger than I had expected. But he was still ‘compact’.

Tyler, back when he still have luscious hair. 🙁

The other dog, maybe 5 years older than Chowder, is a Shih-Tzu named Tyler. It was given to my mom as a gift from one of her patients. Sadly, he was not taken care of and had frequent bouts of lice problem. I made it a point to separate the two because I was afraid that Chowder would get infected as well. He’s very sick right now. He has a severe infestation going on that’s eating his scalp away. I can’t bear to share the photo here because it’s really gross. You can’t imagine how awful we feel right now. He was not taken good care of by our helper and now he has to suffer. 🙁 He will be getting treated tomorrow by a vet who is coming over in the morning. The other two will be treated as well so that everyone is protected. *sigh*

The third dog whose name changes depending on who is calling him. Sometimes it’s ‘Balto‘ then ‘Baltic‘ and even ‘Baldo‘. Who knows! His breed is… well, unknown. He was just given to us from our laboratory to be our guard dog. He does the job very well as everyone is afraid to get near him or even our gate. I don’t even have a photo of him because we don’t really get to “mingle”.

When I got pregnant with Jacob, I knew for a fact that we would have to be somewhat separated from Chowder, who sleeps and eats with us in the same room. Before giving birth, he also traveled with us whenever we would sleep over my in-law’s house or visit cousins. Imagine when the baby comes, I can’t bare to bring a stroller+carseat plus have a dog in the same car. I know it’s not really that bad to have a dog around a baby, but I wanted to be sure that Jacob would be safe.

My whole pregnancy, it was a hate and love relationship for me and Chowder. There were days when he’ll be very well behaved, others he’s just a pain in the butt. I then realized that he became very protective of me since getting pregnant. He started barking at everyone and every noise in the house. The greatest thing about him being so protective of me was that whenever I would yell for Oscar from the other room, he would bark out to him as well until Osc comes to see me.

The moment we brought home Jacob from the hospital, he had to start sleeping outside our room. I know we should’ve eased the process, but we didn’t think that I would already be confined in the hospital. Anyway, he adjusted okay, I think. Though he would sometimes force himself in the room, and not want to go out when asked to. When he did see Jacob, he was sniffing out to him.

A month after, I started opening to the idea of having him around Jacob every now and then. But Osc had to make sure that they don’t touch or Chowder doesn’t sneeze next to him, etc. Maybe when Jacob is a bit more older, I would allow them to play. Given that Chowder has already taken a bath, brushed his teeth, and his shots are up to date already.

How about you? Do you have dogs at home?
Do you let your baby/toddler play around with the dog?
Share your thoughts below!



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