Jacob, taken by his Dad after being cleaned up.
My son, Jacob Gabriel, was born last May via an unplanned C-Section. Here’s our birth story.

May 23rd

A very pregnant me at my 40th week!

I had my 40th week check-up at my OB-GYN’s clinic. I was still stuck at 1 CM so she decided to start the induction process that night. Jacob was already big inside me and we didn’t want him to get any bigger so we agreed to it. Good thing we brought all our things already. My labor bag, as well as our stuff during our stay in the hospital.

Before going to the delivery room of St. Luke’s, I had dinner first with Oscar and Mom. I only had a hotdog sandwich. I didn’t want to be full because I’ve read stories of Moms in labor who threw up everything they ate.

Big baby bump!

Went up around 9:00 PM, got checked, Cerviprime was applied at the head of my cervix and I was given a laxative too. I had to stay on my back for 30 minutes during this process. Oscar was asked to go down to admissions already to get a room for me. I was allowed to pick whatever room I wanted. So while we are waiting out the effects of the Cerviprime I stayed at a deluxe room. The High Risk Pregnancy Unit at St. Luke’s QC weren’t available at that time because of renovations so if I went in their Labor Room, my husband won’t be able to go with me. Around 1:00 AM, I was transferred to my room. Tried to sleep but I was having some very mild contractions. I call them ‘very mild’ now because I now know the difference between a real one and braxton hicks.

At 4:00 AM, I was wheeled back to the Delivery Room triage to apply the second dose. But 15 minutes into the waiting time, I had a sudden urge to go #2 (sorry, TMI) which I did, with the help of a bed pan because I was still not allowed to get up. Weirdest feeling and experience in the world. After the wait, I felt another urge but insisted on going to the toilet. Nothing much happened but I was feeling pain on my abdomen, like I really needed to push and release bowel. As in a really strong urge.

Oscar and a nurse were waiting outside w/ a wheelchair for me because I was going back to my room. I opened the door and they saw my face in agony. They still wheeled me back to my room, asking them to stop pushing the wheelchair so I could breath through it. But once I got there I was already panting, sweating, breathing fast and in so much pain. They got an OB-GYN resident to check me. I was suddenly dilated to 2-3 CM! At the moment, I was already begging for some pain relief even though I said I wanted to labor naturally first so I won’t be stuck in bed. Obviously they would not give me anything before I am dilated to 4 CM since it might slow down labor.

The pain was coming in what it looked like every minute. I felt maybe 10-30 seconds of breaks in between majority of the time, a minute when I got lucky. I’m not going to sugar coat labor or try look all strong. It was so painful I could not find anything that might be on the same level of pain. Maybe a gruesome death, but definitely not menstrual cramps like as some books described. Or maybe I didn’t have menstrual cramps as bad as others? I don’t know! All I know is it was hell!

I made the bad choice of asking them to bring me to the Labor Room already. I thought they would give me something for the pain but I labored med free from 5:00 am until past 12:00 noon, 7+ hours. I know, I’m such a sissy. I finally got an epidural when I was around shy of 4 CM. I guess I wasn’t progressing as well as I should, but my contractions were good according to the doctors. Getting the epidural in was the best thing that happened to me. I was able to sleep and rest after getting it in.

They had to transfer me to the Delivery Room to put it in as per their protocol. I was held together very tightly in a fetal position, I think almost in ‘O’ shaped, by a very large man. Well because of the few (ok, a lot!) extra pounds this Mom has on, it took a while to get the catheter in. The area was given a local anesthesia first to numb it so I won’t feel anything coming in. Though I did feel my doctor inserting it and finding the epidural space, I felt no pain, just pressure and some wiggling. As soon as it was in, I felt some leaking down there but it wasn’t my water. A few minutes later, the drug started working and I drifted to sleep. I don’t even remember much of being wheeled back to the LR.




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  1. Amberr says:

    My daughter was born on May 24th in 2006. What a lovely coincidence and an adorable baby!

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