I don’t even know where to begin!

The whole morning was spent bulking up this blog with blog/niche groups and getting new mommy blogger friends. After lunch we went to SM to meet up with my Crocs McCall Winter buyer from eBay! You can really sell stuff on the site I tell ya. I’ve been using eBay since I was in high school selling gadgets and everything else.

That was Jacob’s first time at an SM mall and our first time to use their breastfeeding station. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the breastfeeding station mainly because I didn’t have my iPhone with me or a camera. My hands/arms were also full because I was carrying Jacob in one arm, the diaper bag in another. Strollers or companions are not allowed inside. They have to wait outside for you until you finish. I must say, SM Valenzuela’s breastfeeding station is very clean! Very different from other reviews of Mom’s online about SM’s breastfeeding stations. Though they could use more sofas so that more Mom’s can go inside and breastfeed their little ones. There are only two single sofas inside the room, small but comfortable, with one small throw pillow. I used it to help prop up Jacob on my lap. He’s so heavy already and difficult to hold that’s why I prefer breastfeeding him sideways. When we went it there was another Mom breastfeeding her little girl who was 9 months old. I love how Mom’s meet other breastfeeding Mom’s in this little room. Glad to know many still breastfeed! I was asked by the nurse outside the station if it was okay that there’s another Mom using the room. I said why not, what we’re doing is a natural thing and the best thing for our babies. I promise to take a picture the next time we go there!

Who does he look like? Mom or Dad?

Jacob also had his first ID photo taken for application purposes. Did you know that the photo place just inserted that “collared top” on my photo? Cool huh! Osc held him up on his lap so he could have his picture taken. Good thing he was awake!

My Bible!

I also finally bought a copy of “What To Expect: The First Year”. I’ve been wanting to get one. The “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” book was very helpful during my pregnancy. I’m sure this one would be too! Can’t wait to read it.

We set up a dinner get together at my brother’s house. But we went home first so the little one can BF again. He didn’t take much milk at the mall, I guess he wasn’t comfortable or was too distracted. He kept on babbling at me the whole time!

And here’s the highlight of the story:

We stopped by S&R first before going to my brother’s house to buy a box of pizza. I also had my FIRST ever crunchy cinnamon churros from them. I’ve never had it that good. Lol. Oh, also my FIRST ever creamy clam chowder soup. It’s usually very watery. Anyway, as we were waiting for the pizza, Osc had Jacob on his lap sitting facing the table, just like at home. Only this time, Jacob lost control of his head and bowed forward… resulting with a boo-boo. 🙁 The moment that “THUD” was heard, I feel like my world stopped. No kidding! Everyone looked and I saw the red line that had formed on his forehead and I just stood up and took Jacob from his Dad. He cried SOOOO LOUD. You’ll definitely know a cry that screams that the baby is in pain.

I wanted to cry right there at the middle of the store. But we walked away from the eyes of everybody and I brought him near the restrooms. I consoled him by hugging him really tight and saying that Dad is sorry and he didn’t mean it. I know Osc didn’t really hit him in the head but he was the one watching him. I did want to kick him afterwards but I stopped myself, hihi. The part that hit the table was really red and it bruised a little. Thank God it went away after I put some ice on it when we got home. Jacob was sniffling for a couple of minutes but I think I did a good job at comforting him. Gosh, you should’ve seen the way I held him afterwards. No picture of his boo-boo. I want to erase it from my memory!

I think we learned a lot from that experience. Well, I hope Osc did because I feel like he thinks Jacob is a big boy already that can be handled like any other person. I’m the type of Mom who is very gentle with her baby and super careful. I’m sorry but that’s just the way I am. I am overly protective and want my son to be handled the right way according to his age.

At my brother’s house

The bonding with the family was great. We needed that. That was a first as well.



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  1. Camilleta says:

    I love breastfeeding stations! I always use them at the mall.

    Jacob looks just like you! No offense to his dad. =P

  2. We didn’t have breast feeding stations when I was nursing 31 years ago, giggle.
    Jacob definitely looks like you! Hugs and a little VB♥ too

  3. Camilleta, they are so convenient aren’t they! It makes breastfeeding outside our homes so much easier. No need for a nursing cover at all. 🙂

    Haha, thanks but he doesn’t look like me sometimes. Sometimes not even like his Dad! Lol :p

  4. Katherine, we are very lucky that they are available for breastfeeding Moms now! 😀

    Thank you! Hugs and VB <3 too! 🙂

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