Jacob Gabriel at 13 days old!

This little boy right here is my life now. I’m so happy you’re healthy, meaty and cute! When he was born it was hard to say who he looks like, it still is pretty hard right now. Sometimes he looks like his Dad, especially when he’s angry or crying. Rarely looks like me. There are times also that he doesn’t look like neither one of us. Are you sure this cute baby is ours?

Gaaah, I love you son! I can’t wait to teach you about the world and how to be a good Christian. I can’t wait to read books with you and watch cartoons. I can’t wait to buy you those giant coloring books like what I had when I was a kid, with matching giant Crayolas. I can’t wait to build pretend houses/tents with you and hide from Dad. I’m sure that can’t wait to teach you how to bike… among other things he plans on teaching you. You can be sure I will be there to stop him for some stuff he wants to teach. Haha. Please don’t grow up too fast. You are actually pretty advanced for you age. Slow down a little bit so we can enjoy you being very dependent on us. It’s okay if you cry for us during the day and night. Mom and Dad will be there for you, so don’t worry. Mom promises to give you everything that you need to live a happy and healthy life. But forgive me if I fall short on some of your wants like toys, we need to budget for that or Dad will get mad! Hihi.

Will post his birth story tomorrow. He’s awake na kasi!

I love you, my Jacob!

Dear God, please guide my son and protect him from evil as he grows. Bless him with good health and a strong faith in You, Lord. I have so many dreams and aspirations for my Jacob, but I put my faith in You that you have better and bigger plans for him, and for our family. Amen.



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