Hello there! How adorable is our Chips Ahoy bed sheet and this little boy?

I know, I know. I was supposed to post a blog about his birth but I just had to put this up first. Jacob is now 3 months old and he learned a new skill the day before the 24th!

He can now lift his head up around 3 or so inches above the bed for a long time! He was actually able to do this during tummy time when he was about a month old but only to switch sides that he was looking at. He can crawl a little but he goes clockwise/counter clockwise. Hahaha! He’s really strong and advanced for his age. At 2 months old, he can support his head and look around when being held up while being carried.

So as a reward for the little one, we got him a crib/playpen to celebrate his 3rd month. He also needed new clothes. As in I had to move out plenty of clothes from his drawers because he had already outgrown them. AND THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE WORN UP UNTIL HE IS 3 MONTHS OLD! He hasn’t been able to wear them since he was 2 months old coz they were tight. They sort of became back-up clothes in case he had dirtied up all the nice fitting ones. Lol. He makes tons of ‘exploding diapers’ and I mean exploding! I would post a picture here but it might be too much for you guys without kids (maybe even those with! LOL).

Last Saturday, he was supposed to go for his 3rd month well baby check-up, but we missed his Pedia at The Medical City because we slept around 5:30 AM already. We seriously need to fix our body clocks. The time zone in this household is different! So anyway, we went straight to Trinoma instead. I planned on getting his stuff there because I find the prices are less than at SM Department stores. Not that I don’t like SM, but Landmark is waaaay cheaper. And for what I’m buying that will only be used for a couple of months, I am looking for something really cheap but with good quality.

Here’s our loot from Landmark:
4 plain sandos (tank tops)
4 plain tie-side sleeveless
3 plain shirts
2 printed tie-side shirts
3 pair of shorts
2 pajamas
2 printed round-neck bibs (we had the same prints for booties gifted by a friend)
6 plain round-neck bibs
4-piece bedding set for his playpen

All are incredibly cheap (no more than P150 for a pair or set of 3) so it made Mommy happy! Noticed how I just bought mostly plain or white clothes and bibs. Since they are just for home wear, no point in buying them in printed or colored ones for me. Plus he’ll just stain them anyway so why pay for an extra couple of pesos for printed ones. That way we can just bleach them (then properly rinse of course!) to get the stains out. If they don’t, they can be donated to others for use.
I was surprised that the bedding set for the crib was expensive (see too much for these 4 pieces?!) but I loved the print plus it was gender neutral, perfect for use for our future kids (uh-oh!).

Jacob in his playpen for the first time!

Sorry for the bad lighting on the crib photo, will take another pic during day time. Mommy assembled this herself! Check out a passed out Dad there in the background, haha. I originally wanted a Graco playard just because I trust the brand and they have really nice designs. But the budget I have now for it just won’t cut for a Graco playard that cost around P13,000-P18,000. The make of the playpen I chose is Pietro. I don’t know if it’s a local company or what, but the salesperson said the parts are from Thailand and China. But it says on the box that it is manufactured here in the country. Anyway, it seemed pretty sturdy for me and at a very reasonable price. I didn’t want to buy an expensive playpen and end up with Jacob not using it enough (every day), that would just break my heart, and wallet. Haha. The playpen has a rocking feature to it, it allows you to rock the playpen from side to side to help baby sleep. I don’t think we’ll be using that since Jacob likes to be held or nursed to sleep. He often falls asleep on his rocker too. It also comes with a mosquito net, but it looked cheaply made. My Mom gifted us with a mosquito net from Ikea, I’m thinking of installing that already but it needs to be held up to the ceiling.

Took me a couple of minutes to assemble the thing, but I did it all by myself! We ultimately bought it for the good quality and price plus the ease of assembling and disassembling the crib.

Jacob slept on it for the first time last night. Mommy slept really well. Ahhh we now have our king-sized bed back! But I missed him being beside me a couple of times today so I put him down next to me to nurse.

Bodysuits from Mothercare

I also got him new bodysuits from Mothercare. I love the baby clothes from them. Since we retired most of his onesies gifted by his Tita Miel at the baby shower, it just felt right to get him new ones so he’ll be wearing adorable outfits when going out. They cost around P400 for each bodysuit. Not so bad for the quality and design. I can’t wait to put them on him! It’s still a bit long at the leg area but they fit!
After our trip to Trinoma, we headed to S & R at Congressional to get Drypers for the little one. Right now we are using Pampers Comfort but I think it’s not the diaper for him. First off, the medium sized ones seemed so small for him, causing a few red marks along the diaper lining but they’re not so bad if you loosen the hold a little. Second, he’s cute little bum-bum is getting red but not really diaper rashes. It just doesn’t happen with other brands like Drypers or Prokids. Third, I don’t think it would do well with his exploding diapers. We only bought a big pack because he ran out of Drypers and we wanted to try it again on him. Drypers are actually more expensive than Pampers, I think. Almost the same price as Huggies. BUUUUT, if you get them at S & R, the 84 piece pack goes about P7.00 for each diaper! Pampers is P6.00 something per diaper if you get the biggest pack in medium.

I also got a box of Honeynut Cheerios and a pack of Huggies Little Swimmers just in case he swims with us at the hotel during my birthday weekend. After shopping, we had a bite to eat. You can say ‘bites’ since we chowed on 2 pizzas, 1 cinnamon churros, 1 double chocolate muffin, 1 cup of strawberry ice cream, and soda. I’ve been looking forward to eating S&R pizza for weeks now. I think I might go back again next week. Haha!

Judging by this overly long post, you can say that we had a long but fun Saturday. Just us three, our little family. 🙂



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    I certainly agree. Graco baby gears are really outstanding. I have a Graco play yard. It’s color, design and looking so good. Basically, it has rocking features . Really, I love your post. Thanks for sharing this post.

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