I have been going to The Medical City at Ortigas since I was still in college because it was near the condo I was staying at. I’ve been a sickly girl (very lucky I’m not getting sick so much right now that I have little boy inside me!) since I was young. I think I visited TMC 5-10 times while in college due to stress or I just have a very low immune system. I remember one time I was there 3 times in a row and I saw the same nurse at the recovery room so many times that he remembered me.

I hope baby boy doesn’t grow up to be sickly like me. On the other hand, Osc rarely gets sick. And whenever he does get sick, he doesn’t rush to the hospital like me to get checked. Boys! Lol.

Ever since getting pregnant, I’ve been debating in my head whether to give birth at TMC or St. Luke’s Medical Center where my sister-in-law’s OB-GYN is at, the OB-GYN who did my D&C back in July (another post for this).

TMC never failed to get me better whenever I do go there for something. I was sort of comfortable already with them because I’ve been there so much already. I love how new and clean everything is, being the OC girl that I am. Comparing the two hospitals based on looks alone would give TMC the win because it is relatively newer, unlike St. Luke’s Medical Center. It’s been there for so long and have looked the same since my sister-in-law gave birth to my niece (13 years ago?). But my recent confinement at St. Luke’s Medical Center is making me lean towards given birth there instead.

When I went to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City’s Emergency Room last July just to get checked for UTI (since I was pregnant then), they made sure that it was nothing more than UTI. Everyone was attentive despite the OB Department being full during that time (I was even put to stay in the Labor, Delivery, & Recovery Room because the triage ward was full). I ended up being scheduled for a D&C that same evening. Thank God that my OB-GYN was free. Little did I know, our close friend’s Mom, an anesthesiologist, was a partner of my doctor, so I felt more comfortable knowing I am in her hands as well. The assistant anesthesiologist was the one to put in the IV line on me. I’m telling you, it’s very hard to find the veins (let alone one single vein) in my hand to put in the line. But he was very patient and when he did finally found one, I barely felt him put it in. And it didn’t hurt unlike in TMC.

After the operation, I received the same care at the recovery room up until I was discharged. The nurse on duty at the floor of my room made sure I was comfortable, even changing the bed that wasn’t working (SLMC’s beds are electronically controlled). I even got the IV line taken out when I reached my room. They’re not strict on keeping the line especially if you don’t need it anymore.

So now, I’ve switched OB-GYNs and have been going to St. Luke’s Medical Center in QC. I got Congenital Anomaly Scan at St. Luke’s Global City last Saturday, will post more on that later. Such a nice hospital! I do hope they would have another promo for May so I can give birth there! The 50% discount will be such a big help! Giving birth is no joke, not just the process, but the expenses as well. I plan on taking their tour some time this month when I get the chance. I’ll post it here also so you guys have an idea on what they offer and their packages. So if you ask me which one I’ll choose for now, The Medical City or St. Luke’s Medical Center? I’ll probably go with St. Luke’s based on my positive experience.



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